Advent Calendar 2021


Teacher's Pet Advent 2021

Santa is on his way to the South Pole this year, to meet a proactive penguin called Palmer, who has made it his mission to take better care of the planet.

Join Santa as he stops at different locations on his journey, to learn about all the wonderful things children have been inspired to do for their planet, by Palmer.


FREE Teacher Pack & Guide

Our teacher pack contains a full guide, explaining how our advent works and how you can get your hands on FREE daily resources for your class, a 12-day overview, so you know what will be covered during each of the 12 days, a whole class door display, so you can track Santa’s journey and earn special badges along the way and a collectible mini-book for children to track the journey themselves and earn their own individual badges.


A Rubbish Penguin Story

Beautifully Illustrated Picturebook

This rhyming story is a heartwarming tale about how the selfless acts of one little penguin sent ripples around the world. Helping to teach children about the importance of teamwork and that if we all do a little, we can achieve a lot!

We also have a VERY limited run of beautifully printed, paperback picturebooks. Only £6.99 with FREE UK shipping.

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Daily Resources Calendar

If you haven’t taken part in the Teacher’s Pet Advent before, it is really simple to use and even better, it’s completely FREE! All you need to do is visit this page on the date displayed on the doors to download that day’s PowerPoint presentation and journal activity page.

You will need a FREE Starter membership in order to download the daily resources.

ULTIMATE Member's Perk!

Are you an ULTIMATE member? Well, you can take advantage of the opportunity to download ALL of the content, RIGHT NOW, in one handy pack, without the need to visit the calendar each day in December!

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Join us in 2022 for a new calendar!

Alternative Classroom Calendar

We also have a classroom calendar available with just the calendar, book and animations - perfect to bring the magic of the daily door openings into your classroom via an IWB without the additional information from this page.

Visit Classroom Calendar

Santa Meets Palmer Animation

The second animation for this year's advent calendar shows Santa arriving in the South Pole with a very special gift for Palmer.

This second animation will appear behind the last door on the classroom calendar as a nice surprise for the children as our 2021 advent event comes to a close. However if you are an ULTIMATE member and you choose to work through the resources on a different schedule you can access the second animation here at any time.

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