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Buddy Bots

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Come and meet the Buddy Bots!

The perfect classroom or whole school approach to a happier and more positive learning environment.

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Deeta & The Cyber Bots!

Follow 'Deeta' as she struggles with issues relating to online bullying through social media and online gaming. Perfect for #SaferInternetDay

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Let's stamp out cyber bullying together and learn how to stay safe online.


Other books in the Buddy Bots series


A great way to supercharge friendships and zap out bullying!

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A must have for any classroom. The perfect whole school approach.


Wellbeing Wednesday

A fantastic, weekly download to help tackle the tricky subject of wellbeing.

Download a 5 minute weekly activity to do with individual pupils, your class or as a whole school.
New resources are added every Sunday for you to use in the classroom on Wednesday.
Our #WellbeingWednesday project is perfect for tackling issues such as low self esteem, anxiety and anger.

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