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Topic Calendar

Find out about the latest topic events happening each month and loads of ideas for using them in the classroom as part of your teaching.

Buddha Day

Buddha Day Most Buddhists believe in the teachings of a man called Siddhartha Gautama – also known as the Buddha. Siddhartha is believed to have been a prince who was born into a wealthy family, in what is now modern-day…    read more 

World Bee Day

World Bee Day Pollinators allow many plants, including many food crops, to reproduce. Not only do pollinators contribute directly to food security, but they are key to conserving biodiversity – a cornerstone of the Sustainable Development Goals. To raise awareness…    read more 

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day Star Wars! One of the biggest film franchises in the world; spanning over 9 full-length live-action films, a handful of amazing animated films and tv shows and more backstory than even an Imperial Star Destroyer would be…    read more 

World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day What is World Penguin Day? World Penguin Day takes place during the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins, a species of penguin that is native to Antarctica. The holiday was created at McMurdo Station, an American research…    read more 

Shakespeare’s Birthday

Shakespeare’s Birthday William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, in April 1564. The exact date of his birth is not recorded, but it is most often celebrated around the world on the 23rd of April. Shakespeare’s baptism is recorded in the Parish…    read more 

Earth Day

Earth Day Earth Day is a worldwide event that has taken place each year, for the past 50 years, during the month of April. Its goal is to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Growing out of the…    read more 

The Queen’s Birthday

The Queen’s Birthday The Queen gets to celebrate two birthdays each year: her actual birthday on the 21st April and her official birthday (usually) on the second Saturday in June. Official celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth’s birthday have often been held…    read more 

Ramadan Starts

Ramadan Starts What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims across the world fast from sunrise to sunset. Because the Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon the dates change every year,…    read more 

National Pet Month

National Pet Month National Pet Month celebrates and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns and resources. NPM celebrates pet ownership, sharing the many benefits of our cherished companions across the UK. Teaching children how to look after…    read more 

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