Elf on the Shelf Classroom Ideas!

December 3rd 2020| Megan Harvey

It’s that time of year again, evenings filled with dread on what the classroom elf will be doing tomorrow!

Only so many hours can be spent scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest,  looking for ideas and inspiration. Therefore, we have written this blog, compiling many of the brilliant ideas we have seen over the years.

So, sit back, have a read and get some ideas!

Toilet Roll Takeover

Let’s start with a toilet roll takeover, a very exciting thing to find in the classroom one morning! Simply hang up toilet roll around your classroom, attaching it to different places on the ceiling. You can wrap your elf up in toilet roll, hanging from the ceiling or place it on the side with the toilet roll.

Photo from @this_teaching_adventure on Instagram.

Raiding the Sticker Packs

Every child’s dream and now your elves reality… raiding the sticker packs! Find your elf covered in stickers from head to toe, a fun yet simple elf activity.

Photo from @misshenningsclassroom on Instagram.

A melted snowman from the North Pole!

A hilarious elf idea! Have your elf bring his snowman friend over from the North Pole, but oh no… the snowman has melted on his way over! All that remains is a puddle of water, carrot nose, twig arms and googly eyes.

Photo from @dollfacehustler on Instagram.

Here at Teacher’s Pet we have made some resources to support some elf antics, including a free pack of downloadable and printable notes to sit next to your elf. One note works perfectly for this elf activity. You can download this pack here.

Shoe Shoe Train

All aboard the Shoe Shoe Train! A perfect, elf-sized train all round your classroom. Easy to make with lots of different shoes.

Photo from @learningwithmisslagrow on Instagram.


Oh no! The elf has taken over the class iPad last night and taken lots of selfies. Leave the ipad next to the elf the next day to encourage the children to take a look at what the elf has been up to.

Take it one step further, have the elf ‘hack’ the teacher computer and change the background a selfie. A funny surprise for the whole class when the screen comes up.

Photo by @fru_sveen on Instagram.

Pamper Day

Give your elf a day to chill out… a spa day! Small slices of gherkins are a perfect replacement for cucumber slices to place on the elf’s eyes. Leave your elf lying on a towel, maybe even have some pamper products surrounding it!

Found on Pinterest at: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/771734086143814484/

Do you want to build a snowman?

This is a great one for Early Years, practising Fine Motor Skills by building snowmen.

A great activity to set up in a tuff tray. Leave lots of large marshmallows or play dough in the tray with sticks and coloured play dough to use as features. Have the elf sat on the tuff tray with a ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ note. You can find this note (along with lots of other elf notes) here, free to download!

Grow chocolate coins!

Magic coins! Leave your elf with a box of snow and a note saying ‘Plant these coins in the magic snow and wait for them to grow’. You can find this note here for free to download and print for your classroom.

Hand out a penny to everyone in your class and encourage them to place it in the snow. The following day, swap all the pennies for chocolate coins and let your class enjoy a chocolate treat!

Candy Cane Hunt

Another foodie activity for your classroom elf… a class candy cane hunt.

Hide enough candy canes around your classroom for every member of your class. Leave you elf with a note on the board (or with our note downloadable for free, here) and when everyone is in the classroom, let the hunt commence!

Make sure everyone in the class knows it is one candy cane each, and encourage them to help others find their candy canes.

Resource by Teacher’s Pet.

Toasty Elf

A funny pun to make your class giggle!

A very easy one to set up… a TOASTy blanket for your classroom elf. We have the perfect note to accompany this elf activity, downloadable here.

Photo sourced from Pinterest at: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/771734086143814599/

Story Time!

Find your elf reading stories to all of their friends. Sit them with an open book and a crowd of other teddies and toys.

Photo from @this_teaching_adventure on Instagram.

Elf Yoga

Inspired by the brilliant hashtag on Instagram, #elfontheshelfyoga, we have made a brilliant elf yoga poses activity. Leave this activity next to your elf for your whole class to have a go at some class yoga! You can find this resource here to download.

Resource from Teacher’s Pet.

Reading Practice

Another reading based activity for your elf!

Leave this note with your elf, encouraging children to go over throughout the day and read some of their favourite book to them. 

A downloadable and printable note can be found here, perfect to leave alongside your elf.

Resource from Teacher’s Pet.

Sticky wrapping situation!

Oh dear, the elf has got themself caught up in a sticky situation when trying to wrap some presents. Leave your elf covered in wrapping paper and tape with a pair of scissors.

Image from Pinterest at: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/771734086143814132/

Elf Rule!

If your class start messing with the elf, leave them a note setting some rules. We have provided a note on our website that you can download here.

Resource from Teacher’s Pet.

Daily Diary

A great way to encourage the children to reflect on the elf’s behaviour is through our new Daily Elf Diary. Print these journal slips for your class to write about the elfs antics. At the end each child will have a full journal, all about the elf’s activities.

You can download these journal pages here.

Resource from Teacher’s Pet.

We’ve had a great time looking through all these creative Elf on the Shelf ideas and hope you have too! Thank you for reading this blog, we would love to see any of your ideas so send them over to us.

Good luck and have fun with your classroom elf this Christmas!

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