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Get Ready for Teacher’s Pet Advent 2021!

November 22nd 2021| Michael Mountford

Get Ready for Teacher’s Pet Advent 2021!

Since our last Advent Calendar, our team has expanded even more, and with it, our ability to produce the best resources that we can has gone through the roof!

This year we started the planning even earlier than last year, to make sure that we have can bring you an Advent Calendar that both you and the children will love!

For those who joined in last year’s Advent, you will remember our daily Advent Calendar, Toys Through Time.

Which gave children an insight into what toys were most popular throughout different periods in time.

This time, I have the great pleasure of introducing our Advent Calendar for 2021!

Welcome to…

What Will Be Available?

To kick things off, our Whole School Pack is available RIGHT NOW, so get downloading.

Our amazing Daily Collectable Badges will be included. This mini-book is brilliant if you would like each child in your class to have their own individual

Alternatively, this single door size poster where you can display each badge that your class has earned throughout Advent.

Our Whole School Pack is perfect for getting your children ready to celebrate and take part in our 2021 Advent Calendar.

Our hotly anticipated Christmas Advent animation will be going live SUNDAY 28TH of NOVEMBER and will showcase our brand new Advent character; Palmer the Penguin – as well as a guest appearance from a certain jolly red fellow.

Palmer the Penguin’s Flipbook and Animation will be available on the 28th of November

Palmer’s story is an inspiring tale about how when one person shows care towards the world, it will inspire others to do the same.

Make sure to check out our social media pages to see the animation premiere on the 28th of November. It will be available to view on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.

Alongside the animation, there will also be our fantastic FlipBook available to read online (also available on the 28th of November).


For the first time in Teacher’s Pet history, our eBook will be available to purchase from our store as a physical copy. These will be VERY LIMITED, so you’ll have to act fast to grab yours!

We will be giving YOU the chance to WIN a copy of the book if you visit our Facebook or Instagram page, so make sure you check that out.

Look out for the Palmer book image and get liking and tagging your friends.

What’s changed?

For the first time in the history of our Advent Calendar, we will be making all of our Advent Calendar resources absolutely free to download, all you need is a registered account and you will be able to come to the website each day and download that day’s resources from our interactive calendar.

Alternatively, if you are one of our Ultimate members, from the 28th of November, you will be able to download everything to do with our Advent Calendar.

This will save you time visiting the website each day and will also mean you can plan in advance around the Advent Calendar.

Why the change?

After taking into consideration the feedback that we received from previous years we decided to change how this year’s Advent Calendar will work.

We will be running a 12 day Advent Calendar which will be running from the 1st of December up to the 16th of December.

The calendar will be updated daily from Monday to Friday which means you will be able to follow all of the days with your class.

This means that the Advent Calendar will be updated; starting on Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd, Monday 6th to Friday 10th and Monday 13th to Thursday 16th of December.

We made the decision to run our Advent Calendar for 12 days rather than the whole of December as we realised that many children last year didn’t get to experience the entirety of our Advent Calendar, due to them not being in the classroom, as the majority of schools break up by the 16th of December.

Running our Advent Calendar this way, however, a larger majority will be able to follow the calendar from start to finish and experience our entire line of resources with the whole class.

What’s behind each door?

We’ve been hard at work planning out this year’s Advent Calendar to make sure that it lives up to expectations.

Our incredibly popular PowerPoints will be the main stars of the show, utilising many different stories from all around the world.

Each day will follow a different child from around the world, and their story about how they helped the environment after being inspired by Palmer’s story.

Alongside our PowerPoints, there will be some amazing additional resources available to further expand upon the content in the PowerPoints.

Our brilliant matching journal activities will be available alongside each day’s PowerPoint, to further support the story seen in the PowerPoint and what it teaches.

So what are you waiting for?

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