Last Minute Christmas Maths

December 16th 2020| Kelly Sattin

Last Minute Christmas Maths

It’s that time where we are beginning to wind down towards the end of term. But for many of us, we will want to keep the learning going….somehow. Here are some fun, Christmas themed maths activities to try.

3D Nets

An ideal opportunity to cover 3D shapes and decorate around your class’ Christmas tree. Get the children to colour and decorate 3D shapes for under the tree, whilst discussing their properties. You could have set colours for the number of faces or edges. For older children, get them to measure, cut and stick together their own nets. It’s also a great problem-solving activity if they find that the sides don’t fit together…

Create Your Own Code Breaker

Need to consolidate one of the four operations? Why not create a code breaking activity for the children to solve in order to save Father Christmas or the Elf on the Shelf? To challenge children further, you could ask them to create their own code, where each letter has to be a particular number and the children then need to create calculations for someone else to solve.

Paper Chains

Who doesn’t love to make paper chains? And the longer the better! These could be linked to maths by having each paper ring with a number fact on it. The following paper ring then has to start with the previous answer. The children could be challenged to see how long they can make their chain with as many mathematical calculations as possible. The paper chains could be linked to times tables too!

Colour by Numbers

Christmas colouring. A simple and easy way to still encourage the children to complete some maths work, but with the joy of colouring. But for older children, why not challenge them to create their own colour by numbers picture? Have a printed Christmas scene ready for the children to create the answers, questions and corresponding colours onto. Or, ask the children to design their own Christmas image and then add the colour by numbers twist.

Number Bonds Christmas Trees

Start with a plain Christmas tree on the board, with some blank baubles or decorations. The star at the top of the tree shows the number bond. Each pair of baubles or decorations added to the tree must make the target number bond. This could be completed as a class game or in pairs. It could be a competition, to see who can fill their tree with the most number bond baubles! It works for times tables too!

Christmas Coordinates

Another drawing activity, but this time using coordinates. Children could follow the instructions to plot their Christmas image and then colour it in. Children could then be challenged to create their own Christmas coordinates challenge for someone else to try and draw.

Christmas Shopping

Most children will have a Christmas wish list. Why not ask them to research the prices of the items on their Christmas lists? They could look into current offers and savings, compare supermarket and website prices or even create their own virtual store, selling the most wanted Christmas presents. They could create their own set of offers (a nice link to percentages and fractions).

Food Glorious Food!

Speaking of shopping…get your class to become budget experts. Challenge them to budget for a virtual Christmas dinner for their family or the whole class, with a set amount of money. There are resources online with pre-made lists of food and prices, which could be printed for the children to look through. It’s a great way to help children understand how to budget and learn how to get the most for their money.

Christmas Maths Challenge Cards

Teacher’s Pet has some fantastic challenge cards that you could use with your class. They cover lots of objectives: from symmetry to fractions to estimation!

Don’t worry if your maths activities are not all tinsel and sparkles. The most important thing is that the children are having fun. And of course, it’s important to make your last week of term that little bit easier for you too.

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