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The Teacher’s Pet Advent Calendar is back for 2020!

November 29th 2020| Teacher's Pet

Back and bigger than ever, we have pulled out all the stops this year to bring you an advent theme that you and the children will love!

If you joined us last year, you will have hopefully experienced our daily advent calendar Santa Around the World, which showed children how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world. Every day, Santa visited a different country and showed the children all the fun traditions and celebrations that took place.

So… we took all your feedback from last year’s advent and have created, what we think, will be another BIG hit in the classroom for advent 2020.

Welcome to… Toys Through Time with Santa

Teacher’s Pet – The Story Tellers

One of the things we love to do here at Teacher’s Pet HQ is to create an immersive teaching and learning experience so that the children and class teacher can fully get behind the lesson, theme, or topic.
With the help of our super talented animator Beck, we are now finally able to bring our ideas fully to life, to tell our stories in a visual way that the children can enjoy.
For Christmas Advent 2020, you can now kickstart your teaching with our brand new animated video!

This video has been added to YouTube, so it is easily accessible for everyone, even those of you that don’t yet have an account set up with us. It’s also great to share with parents, so they can join in at home or share with pupils who may be self-isolating at home.

Set the scene for the next 24 days and give purpose to your teaching by showing the children our animation. It features Santa in his house, watching the news – confirming for children around the world that Santa can visit homes this Christmas, he must, however, remain at home in the meantime.
Mrs. Claus takes full advantage of this scenario and gives Santa the task of clearing out a very messy storage room.
This is where Santa comes across a trunk, full of toys from the past that he has forgotten all about… What toys are inside? What will we see?

The only way to find out is by visiting our Advent Calendar every day to see what’s behind the door!

What’s behind the door?

Based on your feedback from last year, we have gone even further with our advent calendar for 2020.
Jay has created two advent calendars, one for you and a classroom calendar that you can open with the children!!!
This will show the children the toy for that day and give them a fun little fact. Do they recognise the toy? What year is this toy linked to? How do they think the toy is played with?

This has been improved from last year, based on your feedback, and you can now open all previous doors (on the classroom calendar) even if the day has passed.
This means that on a Monday morning, you can still open the doors from Saturday and Sunday, so the children don’t miss out!

This year’s advent calendar inside Santa’s storage cupboard

As well as the classroom calendar to use with the children, you will also find our usual teacher advent calendar – this is the one you need to download your daily dose of supporting resources. Keep reading to find out what resources you can look forward to this year.

Daily Exclusive Resources

As with all previous years, if you head to the advent calendar every single day, you can download exclusive resources to support your teaching of this year’s theme.
We’ve taken it a step further this year with our activities by providing differentiation, making our Christmas Advent even more accessible for all year groups from Nursery through to Year 6.

Our resource for Free Starter members will allow you to create a toy timeline and classroom advent calendar. Collect all 24 to create an eye-catching display for your classroom.

Our resources for Classic members will include the toy timeline as mentioned above, along with a differentiated whole class or individual reading comprehension and a differentiated whole class or individual toy timeline scrapbook, which the children can complete each day.

A sneaky peek at the ‘popup’ for day 1!

Our resources for Ultimate members will include the toy timeline, comprehensions, and scrapbook activities as mentioned above as well as an animated PowerPoint, teaching the children all about each day’s toy and a bit about Christmas during that decade – a great teaching tool!

All these resources are available in one handy download each day and are exclusive to our advent calendar – if you want them, that’s the only way to get them, so make sure you set that reminder on your phone, to head to the advent calendar every single day.
Our 24 chosen toys kickstart in 1890 and take us right up to the present day! Showing children a wealth of different toys throughout history.

Social Media Mayhem

Kevin, Meg, Josh and Hannah have gone all out on social media this year, creating fun and nostalgic images and videos for you to enjoy throughout December. Why not join us on Facebook or Instagram every morning before school to have a go at guessing today’s toy, based on the tricky images that Kev has put together?

Our very own ‘Mr Cool Cookson’ AKA Josh has chosen 24 of his favourite Christmas jokes to share with you throughout the festive period in our social stories. Why not read them out to the children?


Tune in each evening on social media for a reveal of today’s toy and you may even get a clue for the following day. We’ve also got Gary the Elf joining Hannah for videos this year… when he’s recovered from his journey – he’s looking a bit worse for wear at the moment!

So what are you waiting for? Head to our Advent page now!

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Jacqui Saunders

I can’t get the videos to play on the advent power point. Missed yesterdays about marbles and today about crayons. please help.

Tracey Hatton

Is it possible to open the powerpoints from the previous day?

Christina Loftus

Hi Tracey

Once resources are downloaded, you can use them as you please. Each day’s resources are only available to download for 24 hours.

Liezl van der Merwe

I thought it said that we will be able to catch up on Saturday and Sunday’s?


Good morning,
How can I access the backdated Powerpoints on the Advent Calendar?


Can I ask when the resources will be made available? This matches our yearly topic in Autumn 2 and would benefit our children greatly.

Rebecca M

Can I ask when the resources will be made available? This matches our yearly topic in Autumn 2 and would benefit our children greatly.

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