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‘Unexpected Guest’ – The John Lewis 2021 Christmas Advert – Classroom Resources

November 5th 2021| Josh Cookson

‘Unexpected Guest’ – The John Lewis 2021 Christmas Advert – Classroom Resources


Unbelieveably, it’s that time of year again as the John Lewis Christmas Advert for 2021 has finally ‘landed’ it’s way to everyone! This year’s Christmas Advert is entitled ‘Unexpected Guest‘. Just like last year, as soon as the advert dropped, we all gathered around to watch it together, bounce ideas around and start getting creative, creating some BRAND NEW and EXCITING resources for you to use in the classrom! (By the way, don’t forget about our Give a Little Love Resources from last year and Excitable Edgar resources from 2019 if you’re looking for something extra)!

What is the story of Unexpected Guest?

Unexpected Guest is focused around a boy named Nathan, who notices a UFO crash land in the woods near his home while on the bus. Intrigued, Nathan goes searching only to discover a Space Traveller named Skye. In a heartwarming tale, Nathan introduces Skye to the Christmas Traditions we all know and love, like decorating a tree, eating mince pies and giving presents. The advert shows us experiencing Christmas through the eyes of someone witnessing it for the first time. This year’s soundtrack is provided by Lola Young with a wonderful cover of the classic 1984 song ‘Together in Electric Dreams‘.

If you’ve missed the advert, then check it out below!

What does the advert encourage?

The advert encourages us to share the Christmas spirit even with those who we have only just met for the first time. Regardless of where someone is from, this should never mean they should be excluded from the festivities or indeed anything in life. About showing love and care to others and not to discriminate just because someone might not be like you or be where you’re from.

Bringing the message to the classroom

As we mentioned earlier, the office all gathered around together to watch Unexpected Guest to start bouncing ideas around the office. Christina, Kev and Phil got started on creating the resource ideas, while our Graphic Designers got cracking on some wonderful assets to put together to bring these resources to life.

Meanwhile, Kev, Christina and Phil gathered around to take even more notes from the advert in order to create the resources you’ve seen on the site!

John Lewis Resources Meeting
Going back to the opening scene of the advert to spot any missing details

The end result of all this collaborating is some fantastic looking resources that you and your classroom will be sure to love using!

Unexpected Guest Spaceship Report

Write a newspaper report about the mysterious unidentified flying object from the John Lewis Christmas advert. Complete with tips for writing a newspaper report and a checklist of key features, this template will provide everything you need to get your children writing.


Write a diary entry as Skye – the unexpected guest- from the John Lewis Christmas advert. Complete with tips for writing a diary entry and a checklist of key features, this template will provide everything you need to get your children writing.


A simple and detailed story map to help children to verbally retell the story of the unexpected guest in their own words or to help them formulate a plan for their independent writing.


Here is a quick video from Phil discussing these latest resources!

If you’re looking to include some AR fun in the classroom, John Lewis have created their very own special AR filters for Snapchat! The first AR filter brings the spaceship into the the room complete with snowy environment. The second AR filter turns you into Skye, the adverts Space-Traveller.

John Lewis Snapchat Filter

Don’t Forget Our ‘Give a Little Love’ Resources from Last Year

As we mentioned earlier, we also have our ‘Give a Little Love‘ resources from last year that were a HUGE hit! So if you’re looking for a little extra John Lewis in your life and to use in your classroom, then make sure to check out these resources!

Give a little love - how do characters show kindness

Enjoy spotting and hopefully spreading kindness with this writing activity. Ask the children to analyse the scenes from the Give a Little Love story and spot where the characters demonstrate their kind ways. There are 2 versions so that you can choose which suits the needs of your children. One has keywords to support writing and the other allows the children to write independently at length.

Give a little love story telling

This resource is perfect for helping children to retell the ‘Give a Little Love’ story from the 2020 John Lewis Christmas advert in their own words, with these differentiated story writing frames. Choose the writing frame that suits the needs of the individual children in your class. Frames include a 6-sequence story, 8-sequence story, and 10-story sequence.

We have LOTS of Give a Little Love resources available, these are accessible through our Give a Little Love topic tag. We also have a blog all about last years advert which goes into further detail on the resources and their impact on the classroom which you can read here.


And then of course we also have the ever so lovable Excitable Edgar resources from 2019!

Excitable Edgar Emotions

A perfect resource for discussing Edgar’s emotions with the class, reflect on his emotions and feelings throughout the Edgar story. Perfect for portraying the message that everyone is unique and our talents can be used to help other people.

Excitable Edgar Challenge Cards

We have LOTS of Edgar resources available, and you can access these with our Excitable Edgar topic tag. We also have a brilliant blog by Kevin who goes into detail about these resources and their impact on the classroom, which you can read here.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through the blog. There is more to come on the ‘Unexpected Guest‘ story. Keep an eye on the site and social media channels to see what resources are releasing. For now, it’s time to start getting festive!

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