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A Behind The Scenes Look Into Life At Teacher’s Pet

December 19th| Josh Cookson

A Behind The Scenes Look Into Life At Teacher’s Pet

As mentioned in my first blog, I said I would be providing a bit of a sneak peek into some behind the scenes action at Teacher’s Pet. True to my word, I’m here doing just that. Now with ALL that is going on in the office at this time of year, especially with advent, prepare for a blog that is jam packed with content. You may want to grab a brew for this one (or a beer, I’ll leave the decision up to you). So, sit back, kick your feet up and join me on this wild adventure we call ‘A day in the life of Teacher’s Pet’.

Crazy Days

December is just one of those crazy times of year in the office. We start our Teacher’s Pet Advent Calendar; we plan out the next Wellbeing Wednesday and smash our collective heads together to forge a plan for other upcoming events and projects. No spoilers here I’m afraid, I might be a generous soul, but spoilers of work are like our version of the no man’s land. I guess the best place to start would be our 2020 Advent, “Toys Through Time With: Santa”. What a positive reaction we had upon launch and our download counters were ticking onto overdrive, it was like watching a Nissan Micra hit 100mph on the motorway (by that, we mean immense)! We’ve been having A LOT of fun with Advent; I’ve been helping to film the videos you are seeing for some of our daily toys and I’ve even been the star of Instagram stories you’ve seen that I like to call “Jokes with Santa”. I’m awaiting my Oscar nomination any moment now.

How good does this Handsome devil wearing a Santa hat look here!?

A behind the scenes look at planning the jokes stories you see on Instagram. It’s a long list of jokes and we only want to choose the best ones (or the worst, it depends on your outlook). When they are all that good, it’s a difficult choice to make. Christmas cracker companies could learn a thing or two from me.

The Creative Team

Aside from my involvement which I’m sure you all love, our creative team have been extremely hard at work creating amazing assets and resources for you to download daily, including our hit PowerPoint presentations for Advent. The days come thick and fast, so the team are working flat out daily. Meg and Beck have re-created 24 famous toys from your childhoods, one even dates back to the 1890’s! And a point for the record, I’m certainly not saying any of you are over 130, but everyone has used marbles at some point.

Here is Meg in the process of drawing the Crayola teaser from day 2 of Advent.

Dealing With Gary The Elf

You’ve also probably seen our friend resident annoyance Gary the Elf. Every time we try to record a video, he has to do something mischievous to ruin it. Lucky that I am a consummate professional then, otherwise he’d have been booted out of the office quicker than you could say ‘Gary, I’m going to boot you out of the office’. Gary will be joining us for every toy reveal, but will he ever behave?  I have my doubts, but people change or in this case, elves change. Speaking of Gary, why not check out Meg’s fantastic blog that’s all about Elf on the Shelf Classroom Ideas? It’s full of creative activities that classrooms are sure to love. It even goes through some of our Elf on the Shelf resources too, which you should most definitely download.

You can visit the blog at https://tpet.co.uk/christmas/elf-on-the-shelf-classroom-ideas/

New Behind The Scenes Content

While advent has been one of our main focuses this December, the team have been and are also working on other content for you for the coming weeks. I’ve asked very nicely, and I’ve been allowed to snap some other behind the scenes pictures for you too. Don’t say I don’t do anything for you lovely lot. So, what you are about to see is a BTS look at a resource that has recently released, and after a bribe asking politely, a brief preview on an exciting set of resources that Hannah has been working on. You may have even seen some previews yourself on our social media. So, without further ado…

I did say a brief preview! You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for more information, you won’t want to miss it. No bias here, they’re genuinely that good. I did want more pictures, but I wasn’t going to risk a slap on the wrist.

Hannah has also been working on an original winter story designed for year 1. The story is about a little boy named Tom who is excited to see snow outside of his window. Use the story and supporting resources for use in English lessons as an engaging activity throughout winter.

Hannah working on ‘The Snowy Day’ – An original TPET story

We’ve also been working on resources all about The Colour Monster! You’ll have seen these resources on the website very recently, but I did manage to snap a picture of Beck working on the jar filling activity.

You can probably tell from all the tabs open that Beck was hard at work! It takes time to make sure that the resources are exactly right, so what you’re seeing on screen is no doubt one of a number of versions of the resource that exists. The team might set themselves tough goals, but they love a good challenge.

Finishing up

I think I’ve shown all the behind the scenes content I’m allowed to right now, so that brings me to the end of this particular blog. Hopefully you’ve found this one to be an interesting read and a good look into some of the goings on inside the office for our resource creations. We have LOTS of exciting happenings planned. And as much as I’d like to show you some of the stuff planned, well, I can’t. So I’ll leave you on that cliff edge for now.

See you all next time.

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