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Back to School

September 10th 2021| Emily Anderson

Back to School

Starting the new school year can be scary for children, especially during a pandemic when they have not had a sense of ‘normality’. I believe it is important to take your time to allow the children to settle into school at their own rate. Below are a few activities we have done/are doing with our class to help settle the children into school.

  1. Self-portraits

Using mirrors to help, we are encouraging the children to create self-portraits during the first week in school. They are able to junk model, use paint, pencils, crayons etc, and give a representation of themselves. This helps the children to settle in and provides a quick and easy display for the children to see their own work on the wall. 

  1. Circle Time

PSHE is such an important part of settling into school and learning about each other in our class. We do several activities to help to learn each other’s names and interests, even to encourage communication between some children.

  1. Water Trays

We have found that incorporating water into the environment and activities has been key to create a soothing and calming environment for the children who may feel unsettled when starting school, allowing them to settle into their classroom.

  1. Story Polls

We have a story poll section in the classroom where the children can vote for their favourite story each day, taking control as a class of what they would like to read. My previous classes have really enjoyed this as they have an input into their own learning and it can tailor the stories to the classes interests. 

  1. Photos

We take a photo with each child on the first day of the school year with a frame. This not only can be sent to the parents/carers to show how they have settled into school, but can also be sent home as part of their end of year gift to see how far they have come throughout the academic year.

Frame used for first day pictures

Each year and each class is different, but here are a few ideas that have worked well for my EYFS class to help them settle into life in school for the first time. 

Most of all, take your time to settle into the new academic year and enjoy it!

Emily – @miss.a.teach

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