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Being a Creative Assistant

December 1st| Josh Cookson

Being a Creative Assistant

So, we’ve almost got through what I would call a ‘whirlwind year’. To be honest I would say that is a huge understatement. The beginning of the year was certainly a busy one for me too. Aside from getting thrown into a lockdown, I started a new job (at the wonderful Teacher’s Pet)!

Moulding the role

The role of creative assistant is certainly one that varies day to day. Yes, you do have those daily tasks to complete that must be done, but certainly no two days are the same. And that’s the reason I wanted to be part of the journey, somewhere that is going places. The unpredictability of what can come up is what draws me in. Now let me just nip something in the bud. People may tend to see the word ‘assistant’ and believe you are just that. To be honest, it’s anything but. I do assist with various aspects, but I also get to take ownership of my own things too. From Google advertisements to managing the blogging and ambassador team, the level of responsibility is certainly entrusted in you from the get-go, flexing your ambitions and ability.

As a creative assistant, it is up to you to mould your future and decide what path you go down. There is certainly no limit either. Already after 8 months I’ve done admin work, marketing and am going to be helping out in the creative process in the future which includes helping with videos, editing and much more. I certainly have my plate full (not a bad thing by the way). I have found in other jobs that the restrictions on progress have been completely stifling. In a more controlled and one-way environment this does tend to be the norm. So, breaking free from this has certainly been a bit of a relief.

Daily work

I’ll try and get into a bit more of the meat and bones. What do the daily tasks look like? To start the day, I will check our live chats and support tickets. Yep, I’m the wonderful one who deals with a lot of your queries. If someone else helps you, I’ll just nip in the chat to take the plaudits instead (okay, maybe not…). Once I’ve done this, I’ll check in on our social media pages daily to check out the stats on likes, comments and shares. I’ll also check out the DM’s as well to respond to any messages or re-share stories. Then I’ll take a look at our Google adverts portal to check how the money is being spent and how many people are visiting the site each day from the adverts. Depending on how many things pop up, this entire process could easily take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

A little look into the way I create your newsletter

On Friday’s, I now write your newsletters. These go out to over 150,000 of you, so you can imagine the fine-tooth comb I’m using to avoid any mistakes. A task I do regularly but not quite daily is uploading some of the resources you see on our site. I will create images to accompany these uploads, so you know what you’re getting before downloading. The descriptions are usually written by either Christina or Hannah and I will put these in as well as categorising everything to make sure you can find what you want with ease.

Tell us about the variation!

Just like a pack of colours contains a variety, there is lots of variation to be found in my role

I can hear you shouting at the back ‘tell us about variation’! As you asked so nicely… The team are constantly coming up with new ideas and projects to work on. We’ll usually all sit down and try and bash some concepts out. Now I’m no artist or illustrator, so I’ll avoid that aspect. That is of course unless you like stickmen, in which case please do get in touch for any commissions. I tend to help out more on the marketing aspect. Coming up with ways in which we can promote a new project, ways to attack social media and to get the product in front of eyes.

Moving forward I will be helping to come up with ideas to storyboard new animations and helping to come up with concepts for designs. While I may not have the talent to draw, I do have a mind which does run in creative overdrive at times. I love generating ideas to toy around with. They might not always come to fruition but it’s nice to see someone else bring a creation of yours to life.

I also try to find ways in which I can engage our TPET ambassadors, to drive social interaction, reach and conversions. Our ambassadors are an important part of what we do. With their followings and influence, they are a big way of attracting brand new customers to sign up for the service. Even if this is only for a free membership, it helps serve as a way to hook them in potentially for the future to a classic or ultimate membership.

Managing the blogging team is also another one of my big tasks. Bloggers are fantastic for providing that extra human side to what we do. Real stories, teaching escapades and amazing hints and tips for teachers and parents alike. It’s also fantastic for our SEO too. It’s up to me to make sure that blogs are of the standard required, that featured images are made and social media for the blogs are posted. I’m told I’m not allowed to throw the chalkboard rubber at people, so just a friendly email to keep people on track. Keeping the blogging schedule on track is a huge task.

Winding down

A very common sight on Saturday’s for me

That’s it then, we get to the weekend and the work week is over, time to unwind. Weekends usually consist of watching Stoke City, watching a cheesy action film in the evening, more than likely starring Van Damme or Seagal and overall just doing absolutely nothing at all. Not forgetting every so often, an alcoholic beverage. And that brings me to a nice peaceful end to the week. And to the end of this blog. If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking around.

Tune in next time for my next blog, all about a little peak into some behind the scenes content with some pictures too.

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