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Breaking News – An Interview With Santa Claus

November 27th 2019| Kevin Rhodes

Breaking News – An Interview With Santa Claus

Santa enters the hotel lobby, his cheeks red from the sun and an iced latte in hand. This isn’t the Santa we usually see, especially at this time of year. He left the north pole three days ago causing mass hysteria wondering where he was going – so close to Christmas. Who would be overseeing toy production this year and most importantly, who would be delivering them if he didn’t come back in time!

Our international reporter sits patiently in a corner of the lobby. Just one of many who were sent to locations around the world to see where he would be. This one got lucky! An early camera shot located Santa in New Zealand enjoying the sand and sun. We sat down with him for an exclusive interview and to see what impact this would have on this years 2019 Teacher’s Pet Advent Calendar.

So Santa! It’s great to finally meet you. We must say, at Teacher’s Pet we were all very worried about what was happening!

Oh oh HO, Santa chuckles. It’s lovely to meet you too. I didn’t mean to cause any alarm, I am just on a little trip..

What kind of trip?! Why New Zealand?

Well, New Zealand is just the start. I have worked so hard for the past hundred years and I’ve never actually stopped to take a break! I plan on visiting 24 countries in total. Place’s such as Italy, India and many more. My plan is one each day (starting with New Zealand before I head to Japan on Monday 2nd).

Oh wow, this is really exciting. I’m guessing you will be back in time for Christmas Eve?

I will actually be in the North Pole again from the 20th onwards – so don’t worry!

So what can we expect from this trip?

This is the exciting part! As well as having a well earned rest (we all need to take time now and then to just relax!), I am going to be sending the team at Teacher’s Pet a letter, bauble and classroom activities to share with the teachers and their children.

This sounds really exciting! What kind of resources can we expect?

Well, each resource will be themed for that country! I am a big lover of culture – another reason I really wanted to make this trip. I hear so much about how Christmas is celebrated around the world but I have never been able to see for myself. New Zealand for example, put on an amazing parade in my honour! So the activity sheet for the classroom will hopefully be something which relates to that so the children can experience the culture too.

What a wonderful idea Santa. Can teachers download these resources online and for free?

All of the gifts – such as the Baubles will be available for free. Activities though you will need to be a classic or ultimate member. It’s going to be well worth signing up if you haven’t already!

I think the children will love this. What country are you most excited to visit?

That’s a tough question! I’m going to say Mexico. They have a unique approach to Christmas and also lots of vibrant music – I am keen to have a go playing some instruments!

Rudolph appears at the hotel window looking rather hungry. Santa glances over from the top of his glasses and looks back at us. 

I am going to have to leave you unfortunately! Merry Christmas!

Its no problem Santa, thank you for taking the time to talk to us today and we hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

For a more detailed look at the resources, including a feature blog post on Sunday explaining how to incorporate these resources into your classroom – be sure to keep a close watch on our social channels, Facebook and Instagram.

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