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Buddy Bots Have Arrived!

November 9th 2019| Kevin Rhodes

Buddy Bots Have Arrived!

What are Buddy Bots?

What are Buddy Bots? I hear you ask…
Buddy Bots is a brand new project created by us – the Teacher’s Pet team. The project began as an anti-bullying week campaign, but we just fell in love with the characters and the possibilities for future stories – so it quickly became much bigger!
Anti-bullying week starts this Monday, so it’s the perfect time for you to jump in and get your school buzzed about bots!

The concept we have created is that each Buddy Bot has an energy meter which needs to be kept full throughout the day.
Buddy Bots gain energy boosts by demonstrating good behaviours towards other bots like friendliness, optimism, reliability and forgiveness.
On the flip side, being an energy zapper, depletes your energy and the energy of those around you by displaying negative traits like being selfish, greedy or unforgiving.

Read the book

To get this concept across to the children, we have created a fully illustrated story, which you can currently access here as an online interactive book.
We hope to also take our very first leap into printed books very soon which you will be able to purchase through our online shop! So exciting!!!


Like all our fabulous concepts, we have created all the supporting resources you could possibly need to help use this as a whole class or even whole school initiative. We have everything from essentials like banners and borders to fun activities and whole class/school downloads to really help get your children buzzed about bots!
Have a browse through what we have available so far here…

Included in this release, we have things like a whole class energy meter which can be used to promote excellent behaviour and the class can really get behind the idea that they need to work together to keep the energy bar full – doing so, may result in an end of week treat?… like a Buddy Bot Bash (those who have read the story will know what I’m talking about here).

We also have some great activities where the children can design and make their very own Buddy Bot AND my personal favourite resource
The children can make their very own energy readers using just an empty Pringles tube and our printable template! Why not encourage the children to leave kind notes in one another’s tubes?

Over the coming weeks we hope to expand on the project, creating more stories, resources and even an app!! But for now, please have a read of our new book and we hope you enjoy using Buddy Bots in your classroom!

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