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Celebration and Taking Risks in this week’s Resource Roundup

November 6th 2021| Josh Cookson
Teacher's Pet Resource Roundup, Celebration and Taking Risks

Happy November everyone! I hope you all had a brilliant Bonfire Night, and if you celebrate it, a wonderful Diwali! It’s the beginning of a busy month for the team at TPet, as we start to prepare for our schedule of work over the next couple of months, trust us when we say it’s going to be a bit frantic (we do enjoy it though)! In this week’s Resource Roundup we have –

  • It’s Landed! Resources for the John Lewis Christmas Advert are here!
  • We have a BIG new teaser for you all!
  • The Importance of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone With Petra The Proactive Puffin
  • All Block 2 Story Books are now available for SPEAK Phonics
  • We have some wonderful Remembrance Day resources for you for next Thursday
  • New Worry Monster Resources have now hit the site
  • Meet the Quadridoodles, the coolest Quadrilaterals you ever did see!
  • Book Review?
  • Meet Lewis, the newest member of the TPet Team!

It’s Landed! John Lewis ‘Unexpected Guest’ Resources are now available!

That’s right everyone, John Lewis resources for Unexpected Guest are now available for you to download! The team have been absolutely working flat out these past couple of days to ensure that you have some wonderful new resources to use in your classroom.

Unexpected Guest is focused around a boy named Nathan, who notices a UFO crash land in the woods near his home while on the bus. Intrigued, Nathan goes searching only to discover a Space Traveller named Skye. In a heartwarming tale, Nathan introduces Skye to the Christmas Traditions we all know and love, like decorating a tree, eating mince pies and giving presents. The advert shows us experiencing Christmas through the eyes of someone witnessing it for the first time. This year’s soundtrack is provided by Lola Young with a wonderful cover of the classic 1984 song ‘Together in Electric Dreams‘.

The team got to work pretty much as soon as the advert came out, drawing up a list of assets that needed to be made and getting on it almost instantaneously. The end result has been some wonderful resources you can now use in your classroom! Fantastic for accompanying the advert and learning the message of sharing the Christmas Spirit even with those who you don’t know or are not familiar with.

Unexpected Guest Spaceship Report

Write a newspaper report about the mysterious unidentified flying object from the John Lewis Christmas advert. Complete with tips for writing a newspaper report and a checklist of key features, this template will provide everything you need to get your children writing.

A simple and detailed story map to help children to verbally retell the story of the unexpected guest in their own words or to help them formulate a plan for their independent writing.

Write a diary entry as Skye – the unexpected guest- from the John Lewis Christmas advert. Complete with tips for writing a diary entry and a checklist of key features, this template will provide everything you need to get your children writing.

Something Exciting is Coming Your Way…

Brand new to the website (and did we also mention FREE!)… We think you and your class are really going to love this new project!

Save the date! Further news will be released SOON!

The Importance of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone With Petra The Proactive Puffin

It’s time to meet this week’s bird for Wellbeing Wednesday. This week, we meet Petra The Proactive Puffin, who teaches us the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. Learn about why it is good to take risks and why it is an important boost for wellbeing!

The resources you can expect are –

  • A wonderfully designed FREE animation
  • BRAND NEW e-Book’s specifically designed for each bird
  • Task Cards
  • Journals
  • Teaching Guides
  • Mindful Colouring
  • Weekly Display Guides

Week’s 11-12 are now available EXCLUSIVELY for ULTIMATE MEMBERS! And that sadly brings to an end our schedule of birds! We hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed them for your Autumn term! We’ve seen some of your wonderful pictures on social media of the birds in action, and it really brings a smile to the faces of our team seeing how much you have all been getting involved! Until next time…

Block 2 Story Books – SPEAK Phonics

All 20 of our Block 2 Story Books are now ONLINE!

These books are perfect for practising:

  • Block 2 cvc words
  • Tricky words
  • Reading with increased fluency
  • Showing understanding – by answering questions at the end of each book

Each Pack contains a simple 4-page story that can be easily printed as a book, a session guide, and double-sided sound button cards, showing the decodable focus words and tricky words from the story!

Remembrance Day

Thursday 11th November marks Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is a sombre time, as the UK and the Commonwealth remember those who tragically lost their lives in World War I, also known as ‘The Great War’. Given the importance of such a day, it’s important for children to learn about the tragedies of World War I and to learn about the importance of Remembrance Day. This is why we have produced some wonderful resources for you to use, a selection of which you can see above.

From wonderful Poppy Display Wreaths to our incredibly popular Tommy in the Window poster and cut outs, you are sure to find something to use with your class.

New Worry Monster Resources Are Available!

Recognise this monster from your classroom? Then our brand new range of Worry Monster resources will be perfect for you! We’ve got activities, display items, crafts and much more to support the Worry Monster!

Meet the Quadridoodles, the coolest Quadrilaterals you ever did see!

We’ve got a wide range of quadrilateral posters now online!

Make your quadrilateral maths lessons even more fun with these ‘hip’ quadrilateral resources! We are hoping to add even more resources to the site within this theme, including classroom posters but if there is anything you’d like to see or need in your classroom, get in touch with us on social media!

These are part of our new range of quadrilateral resources featuring the quadridoodles!

Meet Lewis, the newest member of the TPet Team

We recently made a new addition to our Teacher’s Pet team, introducing Lewis! Lewis has joined us our Game Developer, and will be working on turning the various new and developing app ideas into high quality products. Game Development is an extremely in depth job, so Lewis will certainly be kept busy as he gets all of his lines of code and development correct to the most minute detail. Sometimes, one wrong character in a sentence can throw a whole project off!

Hit the button to read all of Lewis’ Meet The Team blog

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