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Chicks in the classroom

May 13th 2021| Emily Anderson

Chicks in the classroom

We have had a brilliant start to the Summer term, welcoming 10 little chicks into our classroom. Our Science topic this term is ‘Animals including Humans’, and this was an excellent way to introduce the topic to the children. They absolutely loved checking on the eggs each day, and watching them hatch.

We were able to incorporate so many learning opportunities into having the chicks in our classroom, and it really helped some more reluctant learners to engage in their learning. 

Maths – We have been weighing the chicks daily, seeing how much the chicks grew and finding the difference between their starting weight and their current weight. It has been a brilliant way to expose the children to the language of ‘grams’, ‘heavier than’ and ‘lighter than’, and it has been wonderful to see the children using this language with the classroom throughout the day. 

Wellbeing – The children have been so brilliantly behaved having the chicks in the classroom, learning about being considerate for others and learning how to take care of others and animals. We spoke in depth as a class about thinking of other peoples (chicks) feelings, and how we can act in order to support them. For example, the children discussed how they could help the eggs to hatch, so after putting them into the incubator, they decided that as a class they wanted to try to stay as quiet as they can in order not to scare the chicks. This has really helped the children develop their compassion and friendships with the peers, thinking more about the views of their friends. 

It has also been very helpful for some of the children to understand other living creatures, as they have no experience being around animals. They have learnt how to care for animals, how delicately to hold them, clean them out, feed and give them water. 

Science – We have been learning about the lifecycle of a chicken whilst having the chicks in school, and the children have learnt some new vocabulary (dander, egg tooth, rooster, etc) as well as having an in depth understanding of how the chicks change over a very short period of time. 

English – We have even included the chicks in our English lessons, practising using adjectives to write descriptions of the chicks and correctly use punctuation. The children have used their new bank of knowledge to expand their sentences and make their writing more exciting. 

Art – This week, we practised drawing the chicks, looking at them as points of reference. As a class we found this challenging as the chicks did not stay still, however the children had brilliant fun drawing and shading the chicks correctly .

For many of the children in my class it has been an invaluable experience. It was especially important to be able to provide this experience whilst they have been unable to have so many others.

Emily – @miss.a.teach

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