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August 17th 2019| Christina Loftus

In this new series of blog posts, I’ll be sharing lots of simple ideas that I’ve discovered across the web, that you can use in your classroom.

I’ve never been one for over complicated displays. If you’ve downloaded any of our content or been a regular visitor to our Facebook page, you’ll know how excited I get about simple concepts that can transform the organisation of a classroom, without breaking the bank or spending 12 hours to create and this one is no exception…

Help Wanted

With my ‘back to school’ head on (I know that’s a dirty word but sadly, us resource creators have to start planning it in July!), I’ve started thinking about classroom management displays – which to date are still some of our most popular resources.
I came across this concept, which I think is fab!

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to get your class jobs organised this September and have a display that the children can easily use then look no further…

Classroom Helpers Board

A few days ago, via Twitter, someone asked me where I got these perfect sized envelopes from – folks, don’t waste your money on pricey coloured envelopes. These are simply small pieces of coloured paper, folded over, then glued to the back board.

If you have a KS2 class then consider asking them to apply for classroom jobs – it’s a good way to assess their writing early on too.
You could do this easily by downloading our editable classroom job application activity pack I put together download it here

In this resource there is an editable newspaper style job page where you can add your own job titles, duties and ‘what you’re looking for’ in an applicant. There is also a photocopiable class jobs application form for the children to fill in.

How are you organising your class jobs this September?

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