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‘Conkering’ Mindsets and Jubilee Jubilations in this week’s Resource Roundup

May 27th 2022| Josh Cookson

Hi everyone and welcome to the latest Resource Roundup (and the last of May)! What a month it’s certainly been for us at TPet. The team have been hard at work on something very special, and we’re proud to show you our Growth Mindset Seedlings comic book that you can BUY NOW from our official merch shop (limited numbers available). This week, we have:

  • Our special Jubilee Edition of Primary News Today is still available to read before the half term
  • The Growth Mindset Seedlings comic book is available to PURCHASE NOW!
  • We’ve got some excellent new resources that have now hit the site that is all based on the incredible Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo
  • Part 2 of Wellbeing Wednesday Monsters arrive this Sunday!
  • After a school membership? We’ve got you covered with our school memberships available EXCLUSIVELY through ESPO
  • It’s half term, so it’s time to relax (and take a look at this meme of course)

Primary News Today – Jubilee Edition

We may be about to enter the half term, but you’ve still got a little bit of time left to read online or download your copy of Primary News Today for your classroom! The jubilee is a momentous occasion as The Queen celebrates 70 years on the throne, becoming the longest reigning British monarch and the third longest reigning monarch in history, surpassing Johann II of Liechtenstein after he sadly passed away.

Our Jubilee Edition celebrates the life of Queen Elizabeth II and goes through why and how we celebrate jubilees, The Queen’s long history and some fun activities for children to partake in to help celebrate the big bank holiday. The celebrations run from June 2nd – June 5th but celebrations are sure to run from the beginning of the week on May 30th for a lot of people. So get your TPet Flag Craft and Street Party Pack, and celebrate this amazing holiday!

The Growth Mindset Seedlings Comic Book is now available to purchase!

On a calm, autumn afternoon, deep within Evergrow Forest, three young seedlings are about to embark on a lesson of self-discovery.

Join them as they attend their lesson with Miss Beech and find out about her mysterious challenge. How will they accomplish their goal?

This comic works as an effective teaching tool and hook in before discussing growth mindset and techniques in how to change your mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Supporting resources to follow are also available – such as linking character activities, display items and more. A must-have addition to any key stage 1 classroom.

Kensuke’s Kingdom

I’m very excited about these resources! Finally hitting the site, we’ve got some lovely resources all focused on the brilliant Kensuke’s Kingdom by the brilliant Michael Morpurgo. The book revolves around the story of a boy called Michael, whose family decided to set sail around the world after his parents are made redundant from the local brickwork. When Michael is washed overboard with his dog Stella Artois and meets Kensuke on the island they end up on.

We’ve got resources ranging from Chapter PowerPoints to Character Profiles, Diary Entries and much more! Come and check them out today, available on the site now!

Wellbeing Wednesday Monsters – Part 2 Arrives This Sunday

That’s right, this Sunday sees Part 2 of our Wellbeing Monsters releasing! From Sunday, you will be introduced to Cloom, YinYan, Flump, Edison and Eggmo, all teaching children about a different and unique Wellbeing skill. As with Part 1, all monsters will be released on the site at once, meaning you can dive right into introducing them to your classroom at your own pace.

Need convincing on why you should introduce Wellbeing Wednesday into your classroom or your school? Then why not take a quick read of this short review below!

But don’t just take their word for it, because you can try Week 1 of all of our Wellbeing Wednesday schemes for FREE! So come and see for yourself, you won’t regret it!

Fancy a school membership? Teacher’s Pet and ESPO have got you covered

In the value for money stakes, we don’t think you can find much better than this! School Memberships from less than you can spend on your Monday morning big brand coffee. Now if that doesn’t represent value for money, I don’t know what does! And thanks to our handy new tool, you can get an instant personalised quote for your school too! Our school memberships are available EXCLUSIVELY through our amazing partners at ESPO. Come and check us (and them!) out on the link below, and get your school membership today!

Enjoy your Half Term!

Well, it’s time for half term! You’ve all worked so hard and deserve a good break. Enjoy your week away, kick back, relax and enjoy the (hopefully) good weather we’ll have! I’ll leave you with this meme which I suspect sums up a lot of us for this next week.

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