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Creative ways to display class creations

June 24th 2019| Teacher’s Pet

Creative ways to display class creations

Some simple and quick ideas to keep your classroom looking fresh and ideal if you struggle for display space.

Frame it!

Placing artwork within a frame adds a touch of professionalism to the piece. Use a light or white coloured frame to enhance the drawings and prevent the wall from looking too busy. You can leave the frames in place and simply swap the drawings, making it an easy way to keep your classroom updated. 

Hang it!

Try using a thin piece of wire or string and create a clutter-free, space-saving display. The wire can be positioned horizontally or vertically to suit your classroom style, and secured in place using a blob of Blu Tack at either end.

Peg it!

Transform an old ruler or piece of wood with the addition of useful pegs. This not only works as an excellent way to display work, but for smaller classes it could also be used to hold letters to send home and homework for each child. You could even write individual names onto the pegs.

Grow it!

For an innovative classroom project, paint or create a tree on the wall and use the branches to display class drawings. Again this can be updated to keep the display fresh and updated with the latest topics.

Chalk it!

Bring back the traditional classroom chalkboard to create this great gallery of drawings. Pin-up the children’s work with a small blob of Blu Tack and encourage further creativity by drawing a personalised frame.

Have you created a unique and inspiring display in your classroom? Please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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