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Deeta and the Cyber Bots!

February 10th 2020| Kevin Rhodes

Introducing ‘Deeta and the Cyber Bots’

Buddy Bot fans rejoice! Our second book is now available to share with your classroom – just in time for #SaferInternetDay!

Follow Deeta as she navigates the online world, dealing with difficult situations involving online bullying from the Cyber Bots. What will Deeta do? How will her friends help her?

A great way to explore the difficult but important topic of cyber bullying. Our flipbook puts Deeta in lots of different situations for you to discuss as a whole class or even a whole school.

It also covers the importance of having good friends and how easily we can make a situation online worse, simply by liking or sharing videos, messages and images that are created to hurt others.

Perfect for using during Safer Internet Day but also the ideal resource to use all year round.

The Statistics

Cyber bullying is a growing concern for young people in the world. From an early age, technology is being introduced to their lives but often without any support or guidance on how to use it safely. Shockingly, it is the main reason that childen aged under 11 contact Childline and over 16,000 young people are absent from the school day due as a result.

Our focus with this years #SaferInternetDay and the new book, is to provide resources which develop a young persons understanding of the online world. We have placed emphasis on working together, supporting friends and understanding emotions linked to cyberbullying which in turn will hopefully result in the children of today helping to create a healthier, happier and more safer online world.

Online Cyber Safety Resources

We have put a lot of effort into making the resources we know you need! We have everything from buntings, banners and cut out display items to posters, activity sheets and leaflets for parents!

These colourful online safety posters (also available in printer friendly versions) are a perfect addition to your classroom or for a whole school display. We have chosen to focus on five key areas with a main focus on the cyber bullying aspect of online safety. These can be used for both KS1 and KS2!

  • Staying safe within messaging apps.
  • Staying safe whilst online gaming.
  • Avoiding online hacking/fake accounts.
  • Sharing photos and videos online.
  • Blocking and exclusion within chats/online situations.

Each poster contains useful tips, advice and discussion points which you can highlight with your class or the whole school.

In addition to these, we have parental posters which can be either displayed near your reception/lobby area or they are perfect to hand out!

Activity wise, we have created unique worksheets which support each of the key areas highlighted above. Pick and choose which you feel would benefit your class or even better, you could split the class into small groups and then have a feedback session at the end of your lesson.

All of these resources are of course, here to support the Deeta and the Cyber Bots book which in itself is an excellent tool to discuss internet safety and cyber bullying with your class. The flip book is an online ebook which can be displayed using your IWB and contains pause and discuss sections.

Get started here!

Thanks For Reading!

We hope you and your class really enjoy the new Buddy Bots story and resources available – if you do decide to use them in your classroom, we would LOVE to hear any feedback or see some photos! Send these into us via facebook or instagram and we will feature them within the Buddy Bots page, here.

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