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‘Give a Little Love’ – The John Lewis Christmas Advert – Classroom Resources

November 13th 2020| Teacher’s Pet

‘Give a Little Love’ – The John Lewis Christmas Advert – Classroom Resources


Every Christmas we have grown used to the quintessentially British tradition of watching the newest John Lewis Christmas advert. That time has come again and the latest Christmas advert is a stunner. The theme this time is all about acts of kindness and sharing love around. The advert strikes a poignant message that no matter who you are or what your situation is, we can all show some kindness to each other.

As you can imagine, the entire team was extremely excited about the advert and so we’ve gone kindness crazy, with BRAND NEW and EXCITING resources to use in your school and classroom over the next few weeks on the run-up to a very different Christmas. And don’t forget about last year’s Excitable Edgar resources too, still perfect to use in your classroom!

What is the story of ‘Give a Little Love’?

“One small act of kindness sparks a heartfelt chain reaction – showing how powerful giving a little love can really be. Meet a host of lovable characters, including Mr. Pidge and Spikes the Hedgehog as they discover the true spirit of Christmas.”

John Lewis, 2020, Give a Little Love

If you missed the advert, check it out below!

How does the advert encourage love and kindness?

As we all know too well, this year has been an incredibly difficult one for an awful lot of people. In the midst of the pandemic, kindness and love have never been so important. At a time where people could not be with loved ones, it was up to the collective of everyone to pull together and make it known, ‘you are not alone’. The John Lewis advert portrays this incredibly. Love your neighbour, your friend, your family. ‘Give a little love’.

Bringing the message into the classroom

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve gone kindness crazy in the office. Our team have been working relentlessly since the adverts release to help bring you resources to use in your classroom. Bring the message of love and kindness to the children.

Meg has been working on assets to use in resources for your classroom.

We have a HUGE variety of resources being created. From story writing frames to kindness maps and so much more, there will be WEEKS worth of content for you and your class to sink your teeth into.

Beck has also been working on assets to use on new resources.

One of the wonderful resources we are working on is the Kindness Display Cracker. Perfect to use in the classroom or a school hall, if the children are ever feeling sad, they can pull a joke from the cracker on the display, have a giggle and feel happy and glad! Combine this with our collection of Christmas cracker jokes, or even ask the children to write their own festive joke.

It’s important at this time of year that ALL children feel included and not left out. Remember, this year more than ever, some children won’t have their usual Christmas. Whether that is through no family visiting or not many presents under the tree, the classroom is the perfect way to help children feel the joy of Christmas in what has been an incredibly tough year.

Don’t Forget Our Excitable Edgar resources from 2019!

This is just a taste of the work that has gone into the latest resources. As we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, we also have our Excitable Edgar resources from last year too. It was certainly jam packed with lots of fun activities to complete!

A perfect resource for discussing Edgar’s emotions with the class, reflect on his emotions and feelings throughout the Edgar story. Perfect for portraying the message that everyone is unique and our talents can be used to help other people.

A set of Excitable Edgar challenge cards and challenge card front covers.

We have LOTS of Edgar resources available, and you can access these with our Excitable Edgar topic tag. We also have a brilliant blog by Kevin who goes into detail about these resources and their impact on the classroom, which you can read here.

Bringing in a fantastic point from Kevin’s blog, teaching with trending materials allows you to teach subjects that children may otherwise not be as interested in. The use of characters and other things seen on the TV or internet is perfect for engagement and sparking excitement. We think it’s the same for ‘Give a Little Love’ this time around too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through the blog. There is more to come on the ‘Give a Little Love‘ story. Keep an eye on the site and social media channels to see what resources are releasing. For now, take care and stay safe.

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