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How to Teach the Human Body Using Billy’s Brilliant Body

May 17th 2021| Hannah Johnson

How to Teach the Human Body Using Billy’s Brilliant Body

Billy’s Brilliant Body is a brilliant book! I have written it to support teaching and learning about the human body in Early Years and Key Stage 1.

Using books to give children knowledge is such an integral part of primary practise and provision. According to Ofsted, reading should be prioritised across the curriculum and school staff should develop children’s love of reading, by reading stories aloud. Using the Billy’s Brilliant Body text not only supports this initiative but is also a great way to engage children in learning. Children love books!

Billy’s Brilliant Body supports both the Early Years and KS1 curriculums. In Early Years, children learn how to manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs, including dressing, going to the toilet and understanding the importance of healthy food choices. The book also gives Early Years children prior knowledge to support the KS1 programmes of study for animals including humans, as part of the Science curriculum.

It is written to cover the 4 aspects of healthsleep, hygiene, diet and exercise. Teach children to establish healthy habits and routines by studying what Billy does in his day. Children will be able to relate to Billy’s experiences. The story starts with him waking up and getting ready for school, followed by parts of his school day with him finally returning home and getting ready for bed.

Throughout the book there are important teachable moments. Teach the children about reading analogue time as a clock appears on certain pages depicting time in o’clock and half past the hour times. There are key questions linked to ideas presented in the story about health. Pause on these pages and ask the children the questions, giving them time to thin and discuss with a talk partner. Explain the correct answers by choosing a child expert or ‘thinking out loud.’

Specific vocabulary is identified and listed with child friendly word definitions so that children can understand language used in the text and then use this vocabulary independently in contexts relating to the human body.

There are also opportunities to teach and embed reading skills in the text as key sounds and tricky words are identified at the beginning of and throughout the text.

Read the story a few times so that children get to know it well or why not leave it on an interactive whiteboard for children to flick through by themselves? Follow up the text with linked activities such as story maps, sequencing events and retelling in their own words.

I have also written 3 other books that support teaching and learning about the human body which will be available to read online in the near future. I love books and really value them as teaching tools. I hope you enjoying reading them to and using them with the children in your class.


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