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Ideas For World Book Day 2021

March 1st 2021| Emily Anderson

Ideas For World Book Day 2021

I love reading with my class, and celebrating World Book Day is always a firm favourite theme day of mine. This year, World Book Day falls on Thursday 4th March 2021, and as you might expect, it will look a little different to other years whilst we are in Lockdown.

This year’s theme is to ‘Share a Story’ with children, with the World Book Day website having animated stories to support families at home during lockdown with activities to supplement the stories. You can still encourage children to dress up as their favourite book characters whilst at home, and complete challenges/activities throughout the day.

As a KS1 Teacher, I am always eager to share stories with my class however possible and found this more difficult during each lockdown. The magic of sharing stories helps to build children’s imaginations and broadens their understanding of the world. I have been encouraging my young people to continue reading at home where possible, whether that is reading books, magazines, comics, or anything to keep their minds working!

10 simple ideas for World Book Day;

Here are a few ideas to support World Book Day at home this year, that I have tried and tested before, adapted activities I have used with my Beaver Scouts, or even something new I’d love to try!

  1. Design a book cover – Children could design their own book covers for an imaginary story or their favourite book. 
  2. Reading Bingo – Create a bingo grid with ideas in each box to get the children thinking, for example; a book with animals in. The children could look through their favourite books to find stories to match each square.
  3. Book Recommendation sheets – Ask the children to fill out a recommendation sheet for their favourite storybook, and send it back to you. You can then create a scrapbook of story recommendations from the children and share it virtually and physically with the class.
  4. Create a bookmark – allow the children to be as creative as they like to create a keepsake to help to keep their place in their favourite storybooks.
  5. Share your favourite story on zoom with family or friends.
  6. Character Description – Create a character description for your own superhero or supervillain character and include an illustration.
  7. Share a story with a teddy – don’t forget, teddies need a story to help them to relax too!
  8. Challenge your class – Challenge your class to read in the most extreme or unusual places and ask them to send in photos of their challenge reading. You could display the photos in your classroom as part of a reading display when we are back in school. (This is one I am thinking of doing this year – potentially whilst dressed up as our favourite book characters!)
  9. Reading den – Create a reading den to snuggle up after a hard day of home schooling with your favourite book.
  10.  World Book Day Website – Check out the World Book Day ‘Share a Story’ website for animations of the stories to share virtually with your children.

Reading for pleasure;

We always incorporate books into our Topic learning, however here are a few of my absolute favourite books that I love to share with my class that don’t always fit with our Topic learning. We read them purely for the joy of reading and entering an imaginary world!

  1. Giraffes can’t Dance written by Giles Andreae
  2. Barry the Fish with Fingers written by Sue Hendra
  3. The Paddington Treasury written by Michael Bond
  4. NO-BOT The Robot with No Bottom! written by Sue Hendra
  5. The Detective Dog written by Julia Donaldson

Happy reading!

Check out my instagram to see how my class and I celebrate World Book Day in lockdown – @miss.a.teach

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