Introducing Pirate Plunder – our game designed to use with your IWB – part of the Teacher’s Pet Arcade!

July 4th 2022| Josh Cookson

Teacher’s Pet are proud to announce our latest game designed for use on your IWB – Pirate Plunder, and it’s OUT NOW! Part of the Teacher’s Pet Arcade. You arrrr’ not going to believe how great this game is for practising tens and ones! If you’ve played Gator Gulp then Pirate Plunder will have a nice and familiar layout, as the game is based on the same fantastic technology that helps to power Gator Gulp.

If you have an ULTIMATE Membership, you can access the game TODAY by hitting the button below! Your ULTIMATE Membership also grants you access to our biggest and best game yet – Mission: Number Bonds, Gator Gulp and What Time is it, Mr. Wolf? and other games on the site as and when they become available.

Let’s See The Game!

Just like Gator Gulp, Pirate Plunder is a simple and easy to play game that is PERFECT for use on your classroom’s Interactive Whiteboard! When you first start the game, you are greeted with a simple menu that allows you to start the game or make changes in the settings.

The settings menu allows you to enable or disable music, sound effects and change the number of questions to answer. You can choose between 5, 10 or set your own limit with the unlimited option and end the game when you choose to.

Before starting a game, children are greeted by our friendly Pirate Plunder shark, who explains the rules of the game. To play the game, children will tap the buttons to load up the correct amount of tens and ones to match the number on the enemy ships sails, then press the play button to see if they were correct or not.

If the children think their answer is correct, they can hit the play button. If it’s correct, their ship will fire at the enemy ship and make it sink!

A results screen is displayed at the end of each correct or incorrect answer explaining how to make the answer.

After 10 questions have been answered by the children, or however many you wish by selecting in the settings menu, a final results screen will be displayed so that you and the children can see what their final result is. Can they beat their own score or will they get a perfect score straight away?

And there we have it! This was just a brief preview of Pirate Plunder, as you can see it’s a simple but fantastic way to help teach tens and ones! But for the full interactive experience, make sure you check out the game on the site today using your ULTIMATE Membership. And if you don’t have an ULTIMATE Membership, then now is the perfect time to sign up.

And remember, with your ULTIMATE membership you also gain access to all our other fantastic games in the Teacher’s Pet Arcade featuring:

  • Mission: Number Bonds
  • Gator Gulp
  • What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?

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