It’s a kangaroo takeover in this week’s Resource Roundup!

July 15th 2022| Josh Cookson

Welcome back to the Resource Roundup! This week the team have had one focus in mind, and that’s out brand new original TPET story – How to Catch a Kangaroo! Today’s Resource Roundup will focus on some of the 70+ supporting resources for the book. At the end of the blog we’ll also touch on Anglo-Saxons resources we have that are PERFECT for you to use when teaching the topic next term and our brand new resources that focus on KS2 Mountains.

The latest issue of Primary News Today is available to read now!

Primary News Today is back for the final time this academic year. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in September to bring you all the best positive news.

This week’s issue has news of the incredible images that have been beamed back to Earth, rare purple snails washing up on UK shores and a summary of some of our favourite stories of the year. Also included is a handy activity booklet for children to take home and use during the summer break.

Don’t miss this fantastic issue of Primary News Today, the children’s newspaper.

How to Catch a Kangaroo – available digitally and to pre-order physically

Our amazing new original story ‘How to Catch a Kangaroo’ is available to read NOW digitally with your ULTIMATE membership, or you can pre-order your own physical copy (Release Date – 8th August).

Harry is staying with his Grandad in the beautiful, seaside town of Cangar. One morning he awakens to find his beloved pet kangaroo is missing! Will Harry catch Roo before the end of the day?

FREE Curriculum Map

Calling all teachers – check out our FREE Curriculum map!

How to Catch a Kangaroo has been written to support children in Year 2 and Year 3, with a cross-curricular approach in mind.

Through this engaging text, you and your class can have so much fun exploring instructional writing, but it also offers a wealth of other learning opportunities, from learning about seaside towns, to directional and positional language, comparing Australia to the UK, diary writing, map work, identifying nouns, writing direct speech, exploring what is special to them and so much more.

Everything in the map with a little download icon is also available to download TODAY from our website! Planning sorted ✅

70+ Resources!

That’s right, to support the book, we have 70+ supporting resources available to download! With instruction writing resources to resources focused on our fictional town of Cangar, you’ve got PERFECT resources to use with your classroom (and of course the children will love using them too)! Let’s take a look at some of them!

How to Catch a Kangaroo – Instructions WAGOLL

This How to Catch a Kangaroo-themed example text gives children instructions for catching a kangaroo based on the story in the book.

Children will be able to look out for the key features of an instructional text in this amusing and entertaining set of instructions.

It contains features such as titles, introductions, bullet points, numbered lists and imperative verbs amongst others.

How To Catch a Kangaroo – Instructions Checklist

This How to Catch a Kangaroo-themed instruction writing checklist is a supporting resource to help scaffold children’s instructional writing.

Children can use this checklist to ensure that they remember to include all of the key features while writing their own instructions.

How to Catch a Kangaroo – Find the Matching Prepositions

This resource contains a set of 2 activity sheets that ask the children t choose the correct preposition for each sentence.

Can the children match the correct preposition to each scene from the story?

Simple illustrations also support the children as they choose the correct preposition. Answer sheets are also included for peer and self-marking.

How To Catch a Kangaroo Story Sequencing Cards

This resource is available to download as large and small sequencing cards – both with and without text.

A great way to help the children orally retell the story, support independent comprehension work through retelling the story, or sequence the events in the correct order.

Marketplace Maths – Coin Recognition

This How to Catch a Kangaroo-themed activity places children in the market with Harry helping him recognise the coins that he has and is given as change. The resource includes money-related questions which involve recognising coins and adding up totals.

Children will work through the questions utilising their coin recognition skills, adding totals together and recording totals using pounds and pence.

Using these skills in a meaningful context allows children to meet many objectives in the KS1 maths curriculum.

Visit Australia – Features of a Travel Brochure

This resource is a poster which shows children the features of a travel guide/travel brochure.

You could use this in the classroom by displaying the poster on your interactive whiteboard whilst discussing each of the features and their importance.

Another way you could use the resource is by printing and laminating the resource and placing it on tables for children to reference when writing their own travel guides.

This resource has great links to English composition and also geography, when comparing countries – especially if your focus is UK vs Australia.

So with this many resources and an amazing book on offer, what are you waiting for!? Read the digital flipbook today (perfect to display on your IWB), or pre-order your physical copy for the classroom and enhance the experience even further!


We’re absolutely loving the design on these! 🏔️
Get a head start on your geography planning for September – including classroom display items, activities and other supporting resources.


Those of you looking at the Anglo-Saxon’s in September, we now have lots of educational content to support you! 🥰

We hope that it helps to speed up your planning time over the summer. And on the topic of Resource Requests…

Remember you can request a resource!

Did you know that as an ultimate or classic Teacher’s Pet member – you can make your own resource requests?

Your request will be added to our website, crediting you for the submission, meaning that teachers from all around the world know the idea has come from YOU! ⭐

Resource requests can also apply to any of the existing resources we have on our site, helping you to get the resource you need for your pupils. 🖌️

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