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January 2022 Event Roundup

January 1st 2022| Michael Mountford

January 2022 Event Roundup

Since the beginning of 2020, alongside our larger curriculum style resources that we all know and love, we began to create individual packs of resources for events that are happening all around the world throughout the entire year.

As this will now be our third consecutive year of this format, starting from now, each month we will be creating these Roundup blogs to help you with some quick and concise ideas about events that are going to be happening in the coming month.

We will be hand-selecting up to 6 events for each month’s blog, but please do take the time to research any alternative events that are upcoming that you feel could slot in with your current teaching plan.

A little insider information – we currently have a growing list of over 200 events that are taking place in the coming year, so there would be plenty to choose from if you wanted to plan your own events list.

Now then, let’s take a look at the not too distant future and see what is in store for us this month.

To kick things off, at the beginning of January we have:

World Braille Day

World Braille Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues impacting those who are blind or visually impaired within our society.

Its celebration on the 4th of January is because it is the birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of the tactile language.

This day is dedicated to spreading awareness about braille and other forms of communication. For some communities around the world, braille alternatives and education are still inaccessible for those who need them.

We have a handful of really useful resources to help teach about World Braille Day and its inventor, Louise Braille.

I would recommend starting your class off with the “Who was Louise Braille Information Text”

To follow we have:

Burns Night

For those who may not know about this event;

Burns Night is a yearly celebration of the life and work of the national Bard Robert Burns. The celebration usually takes the form of supper or formal dinner.

The celebration takes place on 25th January each year as Robert’ birthday was on the 25th of January 1759.

We’ve already made some fantastic resources to help you teach about Burns Night in the classroom;

My personal favourite is our “Celebrating Burns Night Story and Reading Quiz KS1”

Getting our hands dirty with this next one; helping schools and families participate in a brilliant naturethemed event.

These were also some of our designers’ favourite resources to work on:

Big Garden Birdwatch

For those who don’t know about the RSPB’s Big Bird Watch.

The Big Garden Birdwatch is an event that takes place each year, usually at the end of January – encouraging children to make note of birds they see in the wild and submit results to the RSPB charity.

It is a way to encourage children to take notice of the wildlife available on their doorstep and also learn to care for it.

An interesting fact about our Big Garden Birdwatch resources; they are used in over 1000 classrooms around the UK!

The most popular of which was our “The Big Bird Watch – Bird Spotting Challenge Booklet”

New for this January we will be focusing on three new events for our Topic Calendar

Storytelling Week

Every year, schools celebrate National Storytelling Week, teaching the wonder of stories to children. In 2021, pupils will learn everything from the bare bones of a tale to the oral tradition of sharing stories.

We have a whole host of resources already planned in time for when Storytelling Week starts, including a fantastic campaign that will be running on our social media (so keep an eye out!). We cannot wait to get them out to all of you.

A little sneak peek will be available soon…

Whilst our Storytelling resources are underway in development, we do already have a plethora of resources already available based on some of the most popular children’s stories; some of our most popular being that of Stickman and our recent Superworm resources.

Muhammad Ali’s Birthday

Arguably one of the all-time greats, with a record of 56 wins, 37 of which were knockouts and only 5 losses. Muhammad Ali debuted on October 29th, 1960 with his match against Tunney Hunsaker.

To help celebrate his birthday we already have a handful of resources available for your classroom, but we are planning on expanding our resource collection.

International Squirrel Appreciation Day

The 21st of January is a day to celebrate our furry little friends that offer joy and entertainment to everyone across the five continents which they inhabit.

According to the founder of Squirrel Appreciation Day, wildlife rehabilitator, Christy Hargrove, people should help celebrate squirrels by putting out extra food and learning about the species.

At the time of writing, all of these resource packs are still in their planning stage but do keep a lookout on our social media pages for some behind the scenes photos and videos coming in the new year.

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