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Meet The Buddy Bots

November 15th 2019| Kevin Rhodes

Meet The Buddy Bots

As you may have seen, over the past week our social feeds have been jam packed with resources, activities and character spotlights relating to our latest project – The Buddy Bots!

Our online flip book is available online which introduces the concept of Buddy Bots and also has a great story which can be read with your pupils. Each character within Buddy Bots has been specially designed and created to promote positive personality qualities and traits from your pupils.

The first book has a strong focus on anti-bullying (to coincide with the Anti Bullying week we have just finished) but it can be introduced at any point in the year as we believe it is such an important resource to use within schools. We have a growing list of resources which can be downloaded by our Ultimate members and in the future, an app will be available to bring Buddy Bots to parents also. It’s a very exciting time to be a Teacher’s Pet user!

Where is the book set?

The story is set within a world where only bots exist. Similar to our world though, each robot has a unique appearance, personality and traits which make them an individual and the stories involving these characters are all relatable to our day to day life.

We chose this route as imagination is a key part of childhood and learning and we believe girls, boys and teachers will enjoy reading the stories, having their own favourite bots for various reasons and also enjoy the creativity behind each designed Buddy Botencouraging children to use their imagination to perhaps think up their own versions of a bot and reflect on the personality traits which would make that bot a great friend.

Who are the characters?

Blip is the first of our main characters. He is a friendly, curious and generous buddy bot. We follow Blip during the beginning of the story as he teaches the reader the concept of energy and the energy reader. Much like our own human hearts – kindness fills the energy reader with positive energy which in turn makes for a happier buddy bot.

Blip’s Secret Talent – He has three buttons on his front panel which extend his vision (like binoculars!) so he can see objects from far away.

Rusty is our second main character. Quite the opposite of Blip, he is short tempered, rude and unkind. In the second half of our story the focus switches to Rusty as he receives a mysterious email containing advice on how to change from a bully bot to a buddy bot. Is it possible to change your ways?

Rusty’s Secret Talent – He has unique speakers for ears so he can play music and sounds loudly for other buddy bots to enjoy (or not!).

Bolt is a kind, thoughtful and loving buddy bot. He knows he is built a bit larger than other bots but his attributes are his strength and he uses this ability to help others if they are in need. He is a great role model that body size doesn’t mean anything – its your personality that shines.

Solar is a fair, funny and forgiving buddy bot. These are qualities we feel every friend should have and as well as this she is very intelligent and good with numbers – she is a great role model for demonstrating that with wisdom comes a responsibility to equally respect and help those who may not be as wise as you.

Deeta is an optimistic, polite and reliable buddy bot with a particular set of abilities which relate to technology. Her built in wifi system allows her to find the answer to any question and keep up to date with Buddy Bot news.

Last but not least… no group would be complete without a side kick – Sparky! Best friends with Blip, Sparky follows Blip’s personality by being curious, excitable and brave. He is sure to be a firm favourite amongst your pupils!

What does the future hold?

The future of the Buddy Bots looks set to be very exciting! We have more books planned which will relate to various different aspects of life – covering anxiety, transitions, cyber safety and stress from tests!

We also have an app in the early planning stages which will hopefully make Buddy Bots as a behaviour system really take off as it will allow parents to also keep track on their child’s ‘Energy Reader’ level along with praise received.

Animations and other videos will also be on the horizon to use within schools – all of which will help to cover issues and promote open communication so we can make changes in the areas that matter.

As with all the Teacher’s Pet projects – we love to hear your opinions, so if you have any ideas or future resources you would love to see created for you to use along side Buddy Bots in your school, then please comment below!

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