Mission: Number Bonds and more in this week’s Resource Roundup

June 26th 2022| Josh Cookson

Hello everyone and welcome back to a brand new Resource Roundup! As ever, the team have been working on some more excellent resources for you to download and help to bring your classroom to life. Our designers have been working on creating some fantastic work on Pompeii and Escape From Pompeii. They’ve also been working on one of our C.R.E.A.T.E. Science units of Year 3 – Rocks. This week, we have:

  • Mission: Number Bonds is finally here!
  • The latest issue of Primary News Today is now ready to read
  • Amazing new Pompeii resources are now available to download
  • Year 3 Rocks for C.R.E.A.T.E. Science is ready for your classroom for the next school year!
  • Chocolate, lots of chocolate, not forgetting the resources of course
  • We’ve got this brilliant Wimbledon-themed Tuff Tray pack
  • Have you seen this kangaroo? 🤔
  • How did your class mark World Rainforest Day?
  • We’ve got lots of quick and effective Transition activities available to get your hands on

Eyes up agent, Mission: Number Bonds is finally here!

That’s right agent, Mission: Number Bonds is finally here! After a lengthy development period and lots of tweaking, we’re finally ready to unveil our latest game for iOS and the Teacher’s Pet Website (with the Google Play version coming soon).

Created for children to learn and practise their number bonds up to 20! Take on the role of a Top-Secret Number Bonds Agent with the task of breaking into the bad guys’ vault to recover stolen treasures!

Children can practise and improve their number bond skills using the various game modes before taking on the VAULT!

Recover The Stolen Treasure!

A vault has been discovered containing stolen treasures, this is being used to fund evil plans for world domination! We must recover the stolen treasure at all costs.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to break into the top-secret vault and receive the treasures! You will face many challenging locks when attempting to do so, you will need your number bonds to successfully break in undetected and complete your mission!

Perfect for KS1 Kids

Children will love coming back to this game to beat their high score. Perfect as a morning starter activity or whole class challenge!

Jam Packed With Features and Game Modes

With three game modes, five vaults to crack, amazing animations and sound design + FREE TO DOWNLOAD, your classroom is guaranteed to love Mission: Number Bonds and will serve as a helpful teaching tool for children to improve their number bond skills. Are you ready, agent?

The latest issue of Primary News Today is ready to read

The latest issue of Primary News Today is out now!

This week’s edition has the amazing uncovering of an Anglo-Saxon burial site and the newly discovered oldest living tree in the world.

Don’t miss this fantastic issue of Primary News Today, the children’s newspaper.

REMEMBER! We would love to include submissions from your children. If you have articles to submit or would like to discuss this further, drop us an email at pnt@tpet.co.uk

Amazing new Pompeii and Escape From Pompeii resources are here

One of the most interesting historical periods, POMPEII is now available on our site! We’ve got some fantastic activities to help with your inquiry questions, including a two-page comic showing the disaster as it took place inspired by Pliny the Younger’s diary entries.

Year 3 Rocks – C.R.E.A.T.E. Science

Our latest #CREATEscience update is here!

We’ve added Year 3 – Rocks to the selection. You’ve got power points, activities, printouts and more to get downloading!

As with all of our science resources – we have links to real-life scientists, this time being Jack Horner.

Chocolate madness at TPet

Sweet like chocolate! New resources to support this tasty topic are out now! Disclaimer, we are not responsible for any chocolate cravings from the above image or these resources.

Does anyone fancy some tennis?

Our Wimbledon tuff tray pack contains everything you need to set up a fun and engaging Number or Letter/Phonics-themed tuff tray.

The pack includes a double-sided editable challenge card to stand in the tuff tray, Numbers 1-10 displayed on tennis balls, editable tennis balls to support your own tuff tray ideas, editable tennis rackets, letters on tennis balls and Wimbledon-themed photo cards and word labels.

Some of our ideas were:

Carroll diagrams, phonics tennis, number lines, greater than, less than, and a Wimbledon picnic. These activities have great links to mathematics, communication and language, phonics and understanding the world.

Harry is on the hunt…

But what is he searching for? 🤔 #mystery #bigreveal #newbook

How did your classroom mark World Rainforest Day?

22nd June marked World Rainforest Day, and we were very excited to pair up with the Rainforest Partnership for this year’s event. The aim of the day is to educate people and spread the message as far and as wide as possible about the dangers of deforestation and the need to protect our rainforests and ecosystems. To celebrate our partnership with the Rainforest Partnership, we made a lovely variety of resources, including the fantastic ‘The Time is Now’ comic story.

While World Rainforest Day might be over, the need to talk about the importance of rainforests and the need to protect them remains. Our resources are a perfect teaching tool to use in the classroom to help educate children.

How did you mark World Rainforest Day? Let us know in the comments section or on social media.

Transition Resources

Transition week is coming and we’ve got lots of quick but effective, printable activities to use.

This one gets children in the summery mood and requires them to think of goals they’d like to achieve in the holidays or in the new term!

Request a Resource

Did you know that as a Classic or Ultimate member you can make Resource Requests? By using the resource request contact form, we can bring your ideas to life, as little or as large as you can imagine! Make sure to get in touch today if you want to see our talented team of designers bring your idea to life!

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