Mission: Number Bonds – Our latest game is now available for the App Store!

June 24th 2022| Josh Cookson

We are incredibly proud to introduce our latest game – Mission: Number Bonds!

Created for children to learn and practise their number bonds up to 20! Take on the role of a Top-Secret Number Bonds Agent with the task of breaking into the bad guys’ vault to recover stolen treasures! Children can practise and improve their number bond skills using the various game modes before taking on the VAULT!

What is the game about?

“Hello, Agent! We need your help!

A vault has been discovered containing stolen treasures, this is being used to fund evil plans for world domination! We must recover the stolen treasure at all costs.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to break into the top-secret vault and retrieve the treasures! You will face many challenging locks when attempting to do so, you will need your number bonds to successfully break in undetected and complete your mission!”

Featuring high-resolution 3D graphics, amazing sound effects, visual effects & music usually reserved for console games, children will love coming back to this game to beat their high score. Perfect as a morning starter activity or whole class challenge!

Let’s take a look at the game!

After opening Mission: Number Bonds for the first time, children will be asked to enter an agent name and then be greeted with the main menu. The options menu allows you to enable or disable music and sounds, as well as reset progress from the tutorial.

There are five unique vaults to crack in the game! These can be played in any order through Mission Mode, or in a randomised order when playing the main Vault Breaker mode. Each mode represents a different challenge that helps to teach children all about number bonds. In mission mode, the teacher can select different game settings to either make challenges more difficult for those excelling or easier for those who may be struggling a little bit.

Practice Mode

Children practice their number bond skills on different types of locks and choose from number bonds up to 10 or up to 20. The alarms have been deactivated and if the agent is struggling they can reveal the correct answer to help them.

Mission Mode

Missions Mode allows you to customise game settings for a tougher challenge. Choose one of the locks and set your round count, time limit and the number bonds up to. See if the children can complete the hardest mission settings!

Vault Breaker

Once the agent is ready they can activate vault breaker mode! The bad guys are planning to move the treasure to another location so we need to act fast! Accuracy and speed are key to getting to the vault before it is emptied! Choose from one of 4 different difficulty levels, only the best Number Bond Agents can defeat the vault on EXTREME mode and recover ALL of the stolen treasure!

PLUS, the bad guys have activated the self-destruct timer! Get bonus time for each correct answer!

The Vaults

The first vault is the Keypad Hacker! In this, children must use the keypad to complete the number bond displayed on the hacking panel. Can they make the number on the hacking panel by finding the missing number bond? Simply punch in the number and press the tick to submit an answer.

In Safe Cracker, children need to turn the dial on the safe to complete the number bond in the combination. The dial must be rotated in the opposite direction with each correct answer.

Laser Maker! In this vault, children must drag the laser from the left-hand side to the correct number on the right to make the number bond displayed on the hacking panel.

In Briefcase Buster, children must roll the tumblers on the briefcase to make the correct number bond. The tumblers can be rolled in any order, make sure to do it before the time limit!

And finally, we have Hydro Linker! Children must complete the hydro pipe by dragging the correct connector to make the number bond.

With a detailed results screen, results can be saved to the camera roll to easily identify any areas for improvement. Head back into practise mode and then prepare for another go at Vault Breaker!

And there we have it! This was just a brief preview of Mission: Number Bonds. But don’t just take our word on how good the game is, experience it yourself today by downloading the game on the App Store (with a play store version coming soon).

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