Our New TPET Original Story – How to Catch a Kangaroo is out now!

July 11th 2022| Josh Cookson

Our New TPET Original Story – How to Catch a Kangaroo is out now!

Teacher’s Pet are very happy to announce that our brand new and original story – How to Catch a Kangaroo is OUT NOW!

Harry is staying with his Grandad in the beautiful, seaside town of Cangar. One morning he awakens to find his beloved pet kangaroo is missing! Will Harry catch Roo before the end of the day?

ULTIMATE members can read the book NOW! Simply click the button below to open the book in our digital ebook viewer. The perfect way to read the story with your class using your IWB.

The book has been lovingly crafted over many months to ensure that it was ready for the classroom from the off. The living and breathing world of Cangar was made to feel as lively as possible, full of interaction around every corner, making the hunt for Roo fun for children and the teacher!

A Cross-Curricular Approach

How to Catch a Kangaroo has been written to support children in Year 2 and Year 3, with a cross-curricular approach in mind.

Through this engaging text, you and your class can have so much fun exploring instructional writing, but it also offers a wealth of other learning opportunities, from learning about seaside towns, to directional and positional language, comparing Australia to the UK, diary writing, map work, identifying nouns, writing direct speech, exploring what is special to them and so much more.

Everything in the map with a little download icon is also available to download TODAY from our website! Planning sorted.

Pre-Order Your Physical Copy Today!


Order your copy now, LIMITED numbers are available in the first batch! Order your beautifully printed paperback version of the story today, perfect for your classroom reading area or your school library! Just £6.99 including P&P

Release date: 8th August.

Over 70 Supporting Resources!

We’ve made over 70 supporting resources with links to English, Maths, Science, Art, DT, Geography and more! Let’s take a further look at them below!

Curriculum Map

This comprehensive curriculum map for the book, How to Catch a Kangaroo is packed full of ideas that you can use to plan a topic around the story.

Broken down into subjects, the curriculum map has lots of ideas as well as suggestions of resources that we have available to support your teaching.

The resource is completely FREE to use and will take a lot of time out of your planning.

Instruction Writing PowerPoint Presentation

This How to Catch a Kangaroo instruction writing PowerPoint presentation breaks down the features of instructions in an engaging manner.

Children will be able to follow Harry through the presentation as he explains the features in a fun and informative style.

There is a wide range of instruction writing resources available to support the learning in this presentation.

Example Text with Features of Instructions

This How to Catch a Kangaroo-themed example text gives children instructions for catching a kangaroo, based on the story in the book, with all of the key features of instructional writing highlighted.

Children will be able to look at the key features of an instructional text in this amusing and entertaining set of instructions.

It contains features such as titles, introductions, bullet points, numbered lists and imperative verbs amongst others.

The resource is available in a number of fonts and comes in both colour and printer-friendly versions.

Visit Cangar – Seaside Postcard Activity

Would it be a seaside trip if you didn’t buy a postcard to mark your time there?! This resource includes a handful of different postcards – themed around the fictional town of Cangar (from How to catch a kangaroo).

Children can use the postcards to write on, after learning about the features of a postcard and why we used to send them.

Some postcards are also available as a colour-in version. Why not use the postcards on a class display themed around the text and the seaside?

Harry’s Time Diary – Telling the Time to 5 Minute Intervals

Using this resource, children will follow Harry’s journey as he tries to catch his kangaroo and practice telling the time in 5-minute intervals.

The activity contains 3 differentiated activities for the children to try:

  • Can the children read Harry’s diary and extract the time information to complete the blank clocks and write the time in words?
  • Can the children read the time in words and complete the blank clocks?
  • Can the children cut out the clock faces and match them to the correct times displayed in words?

Available in colour and printer-friendly, as well as 2 font options.

Comparing Australia and the UK PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation compares the physical and human geographical features of Australia to the United Kingdom.

Children will be able to see side-by-side comparisons of a variety of geographical features to enable them to compare and contrast the two places.

The resource is perfect to meet many outcomes of the KS2 Geography curriculum and is also an invaluable resource for use in KS1.

So What Are You Waiting For?!

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