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Perseverance and Peacefulness in this weeks Resource Roundup

October 24th 2021| Josh Cookson

Welcome back to your next Resource Roundup. We’re getting close to those clocks going back now unfortunately (but you can enjoy the extra hour in bed)! This week we have a continuation of an exciting collaboration, and of course we have another fabulous week of Wellbeing Wednesday coming up!

  • Learning to develop perseverance with Wyeth The Hardwork Woodpecker for Week 9 of Wellbeing Wednesday
  • Continuing our wonderful collaboration with Teach Rex
  • We’ve got a fun new game for you to download on SPEAK Phonics!
  • Take the Taste Test on this new C.R.E.A.T.E Science resource for Year 1
  • An amazing Ludo game has been added to our collection of Bat resources
  • Use our Diwali Curriculum Planning to help plan your lessons on teaching Diwali to your class
  • Who Lives in a House Like This? This sorting cards activity ties in famous childrens stories with a challenge
  • We have a wonderful new Classroom Display Pack with Penelope The Peaceful Panda
  • We’ve got some brilliant Pablo Picasso Resources available to celebrate his birthday next week!
  • We have the latest review from Phil for Fill Your Bookshelf

Learning To Develop Perseverence with Wyeth The Hardwork Woodpecker

In Week 8 of Wellbeing Wednesday we introduced Enola The Englightened Eagle, who taught us to develop a positive outlook on situations. This week, we learn to develop perseverance during Week 9 of our #WellbeingWednesday autumn scheme with Wyeth The Hardwork Woodpecker!

The resources you can expect are –

  • A wonderfully designed FREE animation
  • BRAND NEW e-Book’s specifically designed for each bird
  • Task Cards
  • Journals
  • Teaching Guides
  • Mindful Colouring
  • Weekly Display Guides

Week’s 9-10 are available EXCLUSIVELY FOR ULTIMATE MEMBERS right now! Now it’s time for you to get ready for Week’s 11-12 with our next two birds.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the site and social media to see who is next!

Our Partnership with Teach Rex Continues!

That’s right! Teacher’s Pet are EXTREMELY happy to announce that our collaboration with Teach Rex is continuing! The image gives a little bit of a clue admittedly, but this time we are proud to say that the next stage of our collaboration is all about Gorillas! And we now have BRAND NEW KS2 Gorilla resources that are available to download from the site today!

Not only are these perfect to support the Teach Rex gorilla workshops, they are also just great resources for teaching about gorillas with a KS2 class!

This newspaper activity is an emotive newspaper article set in the future describing the extinction of mountain gorillas. The article would be a great accompanying piece for topics related to rainforests and the environment.

This could be used as a writing stimulus for a number of writing genres including newspaper reports, persuasive writing or letter writing.

With this drawing guide activity, follow these simple step-by-step instructions to draw one of a selection of gorillas available for you to choose from.

This Eastern Lowland Gorilla Comprehension is a fantastic differentiated information text about eastern lowland gorillas. This would be an ideal activity for a topic on rainforests or to use in conjunction with Teach Rex’s gorilla pack.

This is just a preview of some of the AMAZING gorilla resources that we have lined up for you for KS2, with KS1 and EYFS resources to come soon!

And don’t forget the dinosaurs either! We have a whole HOST of Dinosaur resources for EYFS and KS1, with over 50 resources for KS1 alone! Learn about the Jurassic Coast, Dinosaur Food Chains, take on some Dinosaur Maths Problems and so much more!

Of course, don’t just take our word for it, come and check out the resources yourself, you won’t regret it!

Feed Your Pet Initial Sounds Game – SPEAK Phonics

Practise initial sounds with this Feeding Your Pet themed activity!

The download includes everything you need to make 4 different themed dog boxes and a variety of cut out bones – this would be great for 1:1 support.

Take The Test Test with this new C.R.E.A.T.E Science game for Year 1

Explore sense of taste with this differentiated taste test activity! This is part of the Year 1 – Animals including Humans scheme of work which we provide through our C.R.E.A.T.E Science scheme!

Come try our new Ludo bat game!

Learn all about the importance of bats and the effects of light pollution with our BRAND NEW Bat Ludo game! Great for Bat Week which is NEXT WEEK!

We also have some other wonderful resources all about bats on the website, which are PERFECT to use as homework during the half term.

Bossy Bats Imperative Verbs

Speaking of Bats, with over 70 bossy verbs, this word mat is perfect to assist with independent writing this halloween!

Diwali Curriculum Planning

It will soon be time for the magnificent Diwali festival after half term.
Have you started planning any activities?

We’ve got a wonderful map filled with different cross curricular KS1 ideas to help bring this lovely event into your teaching next month.

Who Lives in a House Like This?

We had lots of fun designing this one. Children have to sort the cards to match which character they think lives in each house.

Hidden within the cards are little clues that will test their knowledge of traditional tales, in addition to also learning about the various houses and homes found in the UK. You could extend the game with a creative writing task or a drawing activity to design a house for a book character they love!

Penelope The Peaceful Panda – Classroom Area Pack

One of our subscribers absolutely loved our ‘Skyla Sloth’ mindful zone pack but really wanted a red panda version as her class are just panda mad!

So of course we made it for her! Featuring all the same resources – such as the DIY Mindful Box and Huge Door Poster. Remember, if you see anything at all on our website and you are an ultimate member, simply pop your edit request in the comments section on the website and Mike will usually reply to you within a couple of working days letting you know what we can do.

Pablo Picasso Resources

It is the wonderful Pablo Picasso’s birthday next week! This is such a popular artist to celebrate and learn about in the classroom during your art lessons.

We’ve got lots of resources to help you, come take a look!

It’s Time to Fill Your Bookshelf with another book review!

After taking a look through works own bookshelf, Phil decided on a book to review for you all!

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is an inspiring story that will be loved by both teachers and children alike. It tells the story of a little girl who is adamant that she cannot draw. Teachers will relate to the wonderful feeling of encouraging and nurturing children to fulfil their potential. On the other hand, children will be able to identify with the journey of self-discovery that the book’s main protagonist embarks on.

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