Tackling Bullying and No Drama Llamas in this week’s Resource Roundup

February 21st 2022| Josh Cookson

Welcome back everyone to another exciting Resource Roundup! As you may have seen, this week has been National Kindness Week. We’ve made some lovely resources to help celebrate the week at schools, and we’ve been sharing the kindness around the office ourselves too! As well as kindness week, we’ve also been working on other exciting new resources that we can’t wait for you to see, including the most laid back Llama you’ll ever see. This week’s Resource Roundup includes –

  • Waves of Wellbeing Episode 7 is here!
  • Primary News Today Issue #13 is now ready for you to read
  • Reggie – The No Drama Llama is here teach children about emotions that make them want to react and the different strategies they can use instead of reacting badly to a situation
  • Anicent Greeks resources are now available starting with Part 1
  • Meet the Kindness Quokka, teaching us to spread kindness to others
  • And we’ve also got a wonderful Gino the Giraffe door poster
  • Looking at Arctic Animals with your class after half term? Then check out this wonderful Tuff Tray pack

Waves of Wellbeing – Tackling Bullying

This week we take a look at Episode 7 of Waves of Wellbeing. Episode 7 focuses on Tackling Bullying by being kind to each other. Like with the other fantastic episodes, Episode 7 has:

  • A wonderful Bookimation and Animated Story + PowerPoint
  • Colouring Tile
  • Journal
  • Minibook
  • Teacher Pack
  • Weekly Display Focus

You will require an ULTIMATE membership to be able to access the bookimations and the downloadable resources. But at only £34.95 for an entire year, not only will you have access to the entire Waves of Wellbeing scheme, but you will also get access to other Wellbeing schemes from before and upcoming, fantastic collaborations, exciting topic packs and so much more! And with over 5000 resources available to choose from, you’re certainly not short of choice!

The latest issue of Primary News Today is out now!

What do the following have in common?
✅ Human hair sausages
✅ The number 13
✅ Face mask phone chargers 🔌
✅ Giraffes 🦒

They all feature in this week’s issue of Primary News Today (the FREE children’s newspaper!) 🤣

For more context to all of these things, head to our newspaper

Last Chance to enter the Children’s Writing Competition

It’s now the last chance for children to submit their entries into the Children’s Writing Competition to win some VERY special prizes! Remember, for full entry details and what prizes can be won, you’ll have to make sure you read the latest issue of Primary News Today. Just click on the button above to go straight to the latest issue.

Reggie – The No Drama Llama!

Meet Reggie – The No Drama Llama! Our No Drama Llama series is all about teaching children to recognise the emotions that make them want to react and showing them different strategies they can use instead of reacting badly in a situation. We’ve got a whole host of wonderful resources all themed on our fantastic No Drama Llama including colouring, a brilliant door poster, strategy cards and so much more!

You don’t want to miss out on meeting the coolest llama you’ll ever see! Come and check out the resources today!

Ancient Greeks Resources are now here!

That’s right, resources on the Ancient Greeks are now available for you to download, starting with Part 1! Join Penelope as she journeys back through time to Ancient Greece. Learn about the time period, what Greece is like, the differences between Ancient Greece and Modern Day Greece, B.C and A.D plus so much more! And make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the site and social media for Part 2 of these resources!

Kindness Quokka

As part of Random Acts of Kindness Week, we decided to bring you the Kindness Quokka. Quokkas are also known as short-tailed Wallabys and are native to Australia (and they’re just the size of a house cat)! Given their extremely friendly nature (and just how cute and cuddly they are as well), we decided to go with the Kindness Quokka to help promote kindness in the classroom. Even though Random Acts of Kindness Week is over, it’s no excuse to stop being kind! Check out the resources today.

And don’t forget Gino the Giraffe

Gino Giraffe is a fun door display as a way to promote kind words in the classroom. Cut out the Giraffe’s spots and ask the children to write their favourite kind word or phrase inside. Attach the spots to Gino the Giraffe and hang from your classroom door.

Arctic Animals Tuff Tray Pack

If you’re taking a look at Arctic Animals after this half-term, then we have the PERFECT Tuff Tray pack for you to use to help go along with your teaching. The pack contains everything you need to set up a fun and engaging Tuff Tray in your classroom.

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