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Take Back Your Summer Week 2 – Classroom Organisation

August 7th 2020| Teacher’s Pet

Take Back Your Summer!

Thank you all so very much for the warm reception to our first weeks Take Back Your Summer resource pack. All of us here at Teacher’s Pet are so pleased that you all enjoyed the new resources we created for our first very first topic, Meet and Greet. We still have much more planned for the coming weeks so please keeping checking the front page of our site for the following weeks Take Back Your Summer Resource Pack.

First Day Back

It’s day one back in the classroom, you’ve spent the entire summer meticulously planning for each and every potential outcome, you know the subjects, you’ve met your new teaching assistant, you’ve made sure that all the needed worksheets are laid out and ready to go for the day.

“Now, where did I just put that letter?”. You look on in dread upon the mound of paperwork that’s just appeared, out of nowhere, strewn all over your desk. The front labelling on all of your plastic tubs fall off. You notice a spelling mistake on all of your handmade pen pot labels. The books in the reading corner suddenly find themselves out of alphabetical order.

This is the nightmare I’m sure all teachers have had at some point in their careers. Spending all that time making sure that your classroom is exactly how you want it, the most organised and “Pintrest Ready” classroom out of all of your peers; only for it all to disappear back into the untidy mess it was at the final bell before summer started.

We here at Teacher’s Pet know this fear all too well, some of the team here sharing some of their own experiences as both teachers and teaching assistants. Throughout our entire Take Back Your Summer initiative we plan to try and help alleviate some of the stresses that come with trying to plan for the coming terms and making your classroom as organised as you need it to be.

With this in mind, this week is all to do with:

Classroom Organisation

Whether you’re a newly qualified teacher or someone with decades of experience under your belt, arguably the most satisfying thing is to enter your room on any given day, look around and think “I designed this room and I know where everything is”.

Having your room nice and tidy can be more than just skin deep though for those others who use your classroom. When a child enters your classroom and sees that their teacher is at ease due to the room being organised, it means that they will also feel at ease as well whilst learning.

It means that if, for example, a replacement pair of scissors is needed by a child, it can be to hand in a moment’s notice when the room is kept in an organised manner. Keeping the flow of education from student to student in a consistent manner.

Below is just a small selection of our brand new Classroom Organisation resources which are available right here.

As well as these new and exciting resources, we also have some of our legacy resources right here which we believe will also help make your classroom as amazingly organised as you need it to be on that first day back and for it to last all throughout the entire school year.

All of us here are very excited to finally be releasing these packs to you and we have much more in store over the coming weeks so please make sure to keep an eye on our social media platforms, as well as the front page of our site for any new and exciting updates regarding Take Back Your Summer.

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