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Take Back Your Summer Week 3 – Goals and Targets

August 14th 2020| Teacher’s Pet

Take Back Your Summer Week 3 – Goals & Targets

If you missed last week’s blog all about Classroom Organisation, please do have a read of it right here.

For those who haven’t seen our recent social posts -which can be found here. Right here at Teacher’s Pet we’ve been full steam ahead this past week with our brand-new office move.


It’s been a hectic time for all the team and something which has really helped us, is breaking the office move down into individual goals for each day.

Which ties is very nicely to this week’s theme of Take Back Your Summer.

Goals and Achievements

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands—your own.” —Mark Victor Hansen

For everyone in the world, goals are one of the most important driving forces that make us better ourselves. Top level athletes, world leaders and successful businesspeople will all set daily goals for themselves to make sure that they keep themselves on track. For students and teachers, it is the same principle.

For some, goals are things such as “having a piece of fruit each morning” or “reading a book for an hour instead of TV or phone”; whereas for others they may set very lofty and even unattainable goals for themselves. The main focus is making sure that your own personal goals are yours, not someone else’s.

For students, one of the best ways of introducing the idea of setting goals for themselves is reflection; that is to reflect on the previous year (whether that be academic or personal) and begin to think critically about how changing a particular aspect of that year could possibly benefit them, and is it possible to apply that same change to this year.

After you’ve decided what your daily/monthly/yearly goal is going to be, you have to find a way to keep track of it or at the very least, find ways of making sure you stay on track with your goal. Having something that is quantifiable (that is something that can be measured) will make things decidedly easier for yourself as you progress towards your end goal.

Making sure that these goals are set as early as possible in the academic year will also help prevent a change of course later on down the line if they maybe decide that their goal should be this rather than that.


Below is just a small selection of our brand new resources all to do with Goals and Achievements

Half Team Teacher Action Planning and Individual Pupil Target Planning
Home Learning and Weekly Learning Pupil Sheets for Parents
Huge Selection of Display Items – Including Positive Prompt Poster Cards

As well as these new and exciting resources, we also have some of our legacy resources right here which we believe will also help your students keep on top of their goals and help them to try and keep on track with what they want to achieve.

All of us here are very excited to finally be releasing these packs to you and we have much more in store over the coming weeks so please make sure to keep an eye on our social media platforms, as well as the front page of our site for any new and exciting updates regarding Take Back Your Summer.

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