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Take Back Your Summer Week 5 – Staying Safe In School

August 28th 2020| Teacher’s Pet

Take Back Your Summer Week 5 – Staying Safe In School

If you missed last week’s blog all about Celebrating Achievements, please do have a read of it here.

Thank You!!

This week marks our last Take Back Your Summer pack and just before I start this weeks blog, all of us here at Teacher’s Pet just want to extend a hand of gratitude to all of those who have partaken in our Take Back Your Summer initiative over the last month; whether that’s through downloading our Take Back Your Summer packs, interacting with our Live YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos, sharing and liking our social media posts or just telling someone about us.

We are so incredibly grateful for all of the support we have gotten with regards to our Take Back Your Summer initiative and we still have plenty more planned for the coming months.

Make sure to keep an eye on the front page of our website as well as our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for some upcoming teasers regarding new resources and topic packs.

Staying Safe In School

Children will have been away from the classroom for over 3 months by the time the new Autumn term begins, this means that they will be looking for guidance from the adults that are in their lives. Now more than ever it is imperative that as their teacher, you take every opportunity you can in order to teach and inform your pupils about how they should be staying safe; both in school and during their home life.

As kids of all ages begin their new school year journey, it is easy for parent’s to become overwhelmed and maybe a slight bit fearful for their child’s safety; so having a safe learning environment ready for the new Autumn term will go a long way in regards to putting them at ease.

Teaching children about hygiene and safe ways of play is one of the best ways to ensure that they stay safe. Show them how to make washing their hands fun- maybe encourage them to make a song that they can sing in their heads, or laminate and display some of our new Hand Washing Display resources.

As one of the major adult influences in a pupils life they will be looking to you for guidance so it is of upmost importance that you set a good example of how to keep safe; washing hands regularly and efficiently, coughing and sneezing into tissues, avoid unnecessary close quarter contact as best as possible. All of these will serve as good nonverbal lessons on how to act during school and home life.

Just as important as a child’s physical health is their mental health. Encouraging healthy discussion about COVID and Lockdown can help a child open up and maybe provide some relief for them. Making sure that you are as open as possible whilst also making sure to be available to your pupils will also help them feel more at ease about the situation.

A great way to support pupils during their return to the classroom after Lockdown would be to introduce them to our Buddy Bots characters.

We have a multitude of content based around our Buddy Bot characters which can be found here. We have just created an online flipbook called The Buddy Bots Go Back To School. This book details how school life might be different for the Buddy Bots but how it is made into a positive experience for them all. Along with this we also have a plethora of supporting resources and activities which can be found here

A major impact will be during break and lunch times; using this time to teach about and encourage safer ways of playing and interacting together will help children to adapt to the current climate.

Children will always have questions about everything that they see around them, so if there is anything which you aren’t 100% clear on, then please see any number of approved websites such as Government site, NHS, CDC or WHO.


Below is just a small selection of our brand new resources all to do with Staying Safe In School:

Germ Comprehension Challenge
Timetable Cards and Washing Hands Poster
Bubble Outdoor Activities

This is just tiny selection of the resources that will be available with this weeks Take Back Your Summer pack. We hope that you all enjoy what we have created this week.

Again, from all of us at Teacher’s Pet we just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has downloaded, shared, liked, viewed or even just talked about our Take Back Your Summer packs. We hope that you have enjoyed them as much as we have designing them and we have plenty more projects planned for the foreseeable future so keep an eye on our social media pages as well as the front page of our site for updates regarding them.

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