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The Christmas Show Must Go On!

November 7th 2020| Nathan Pow

The Christmas Show Must Go On!

As the Christmas poem goes…
Christmas is coming,
the goose is getting fat,
please put a penny in the old man’s hat, but ensure you are using contactless and you are socially distancing!

As educational professionals we always have to have a wide variety of skills including teacher, actor, technician, first-aider, artist, the list goes on… Now this year we can add remote teacher to our lists! I have learned so much with remote teaching including using Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other digital communication platforms.

This year the Christmas production can’t be the same. I find this incredibly upsetting, because Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of the year. I love anything Christmas, and even the stress of the Christmas production fills me with joy.

If Mary was giving birth to baby Jesus this year during COVID, would Joseph be able to present throughout the birth? Would the wise men and shepherds be able to visit and give their gifts?- or because they were from different households would they even be able to visit and mix? Would the angel Gabriel need to share the news that Mary is going to have a baby over Zoom?

So what can we do this year so we, and the children can still have a great festive period?

Here is a list of ideas I have created for ways in which the Christmas production can still happen this year. (Let me know any further ideas you have in the comments box!)

Shooting Individual Scenes

Split your Christmas production into different scenes. Each class to video their scene before one lucky member of staff has the job of stitching all the scenes together into one production. I would recommend using iMovie for this as I find this one of the easiest stitching apps to use. You can also make adjustments easily, including the volume of different scenes. The recording could happen in the classroom or the hall (each bubble in separately!)

The Nativity Zoom Call

If you are putting on a small Nativity performance, each of the main characters (Mary, Joseph, Angel, Shepherd, Wise Man, and don’t forget the Donkey …) Could use Zoom to have their conversations. All you need to do is ensure that each child has an iPad or computer to Zoom from and ensure that you record the Zoom meeting. Each child can read their parts from a script. The Zoom meeting can then be watched back.

The Live Show

Livestream your Nativity performance. This could be streamed using Zoom or Teams. You could livestream to the rest of the school into their classrooms or if able to, livestream to the parents. Ensure that you password protect any meetings!

The Blockbuster DVD

If you or your school are not happy about putting videos online or via livestreams, then why not record the performance and burn it onto a DVD. This was you could sell the DVDs to parents and make a small amount of money for the school fund or donate to a local charity.

A Christmas Poem

Spilt a poem into different stanzas. Give each class a stanza to learn ‘off by heart’. Children to recite their stanza whilst being recorded. Then just stitch the clips together again using iMovie or similar. Each stanza could be extended by a song (I don’t want to share current restrictions and regulations around singing in schools as this information is every changing!) Children could learn sign language for a song and sign the song against the backing track.

The Classroom Production

If you don’t want to record any of the production. You could perform a production in the classroom. Act out the Nativity scene in class. Set out your classroom so children have somewhere to perform, whilst children who are not performing become the audience.

If you are looking for a script Out of the Ark have a range of scripts that match different ‘bubble’ requirements.

I hope whatever your Christmas production looks like, you and your children still have fun and you use your newly found technology skills.

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