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The Great Fire of London

July 11th 2020| Teacher’s Pet

The Great Fire of London Topic Pack – Available NOW!

Introducing our latest topic pack, The Great Fire of London. This topic pack is our biggest yet and chock full of amazing content to get stuck into. Within this blog post I will be giving you a little look behind the scenes at how the topic pack was created, and some of the amazing resources you’ll find inside. So without further ado… let’s take a look!

Behind the scenes…

Work began on this topic pack just before the coronavirus situation! As our focus shifted to support you all with free home learning packs, we had to wait until we were all back in the office to get stuck in.

We are super proud of what we have available for you. Kevin and Christina have spent a lot of time researching and making sure the activities cover a wide range of subjects.
We were also lucky enough to have the very talented KS1 Class Teacher Catherine Newstead join us for this topic pack, to support with great cross-curricular teaching ideas.

The four key areas that this pack has a strong focus on, is based on the requirements of the national curriculum in the UK. You will find the following folders.

  • London Today
  • London in 1666
  • The Event
  • Fire Safety

This is in addition to activities which cover eyewitnesses, timelines, arts and a HUGE detailed curriculum map for you to add your own ideas to.

Creating the resources


This activity has over 30 different activities for children to complete, including simple coding, creative writing, letter writing, diaries, fact sheets, colouring, mix and match sheets, art projects and so much more.

We really aren’t kidding when we say this pack is huge! You are sure to find something which you could use to make a fab lesson out of.


We have powerpoint presentations to bring a new edge to learning about the Great Fire of London. Jam packed with information, audio and interactive content, these are a fantastic way to engage the classroom!

The first is an interactive timeline, which includes dates and times! You can follow the events of the fire with your class, pause for discussions and easily move on to the next date.

The second is an interactive retelling of the event. Includes exciting facts and details you maybe never knew! It would make a fantastic way to introduce the story to your class.


To support you in your cross-curricular teaching, the talented Catherine Newstead has put together a fantastic curriculum map, packed full of ideas on how to teach the Great Fire of London through a range of subjects.
The A4 map is a great way to get an overview of all the different things you can cover from this 1 topic, with everything from writing baking instructions to completing a Jackson Pollock artist study.
Catherine has also put together a 10-page document that goes on to explore these ideas in more detail, including objectives and suggested activity ideas.

Display items

You can’t have a topic pack without any display resources! We have everything from borders and buntings, to cut out’s and much more. All with bold, eye catching and creative designs. We’ve designed these to be more engaging than ever before, sure to capture the imaginations of your class.

Role play activities

The benefits of learning through play far out weigh any other type of learning you could perform in KS1. That is why for the first time, this topic pack includes TWO! amazing role play packs!

Start up your own London tour company in the classroom, including bus signs, price lists, tickets, spotter sheets and so much more!

The second pack can be used for an amazing HOT SEAT afternoon drama session! Children can take on the role of one of the popular characters from ‘The Great Fire of London’ and children can then take it in turns to ask questions about the event!

What are you waiting for?

This is just a sneak preview of some the amazing resources contained in our Great Fire of London topic pack, and the impact that the disaster had on life in London. Don’t miss out, subscribe to an ultimate membership and receive access to the entire topic pack and all other topic packs found on our site! And all for an incredible £20 for an entire year!

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