The Last Bear – Classroom Resources Now Available in Collaboration With Hannah Gold

May 9th 2022| Josh Cookson

The Last Bear – Classroom Resources Now Available in Collaboration With Hannah Gold

We are very excited at Teacher’s Pet to announce an exclusive collaboration with award-winning author Hannah Gold on brand new classroom resources for Hannah’s first book, The Last Bear! These resources have been in the works for a while now as we worked with Hannah and her book publishers to nail down the styling of these resources so they were ready for you to bring to your classrooms.

The Story of The Last Bear

The Last Bear is the story of a girl called April and her chance encounter with a polar bear. When her father’s job as a weather scientist takes them to live on Bear Island, he tells April that there are no bears living there anymore. She gets the shock of her life when she, one day, encounters a solitary polar bear and embarks on the most important journey of her life.

It’s a story that will enthral children and adults alike, and one that shows us that we are never too young or insignificant to help make a difference. The book is a celebration of love between a child and an animal and a cry for help for the world. This is a book that is certain to keep children engaged and begging for one more chapter!

Classroom Resources

The team have been hard at work at creating wonderful classroom resources that capture the feel of the book and work perfectly alongside the book itself. Our brilliant KS2 teacher Phil has been in constant communication with Hannah herself to get feedback on the resources from her and the publishers to give back to the designers to come up with what we have created. Your class are guaranteed to love the resources! Let’s take a bit more of an in-depth look at them below:

The Last Bear – Curriculum Map

A curriculum map full of cross-curricular ideas to use while teaching using The Last Bear by Hannah Gold.

A ready-made topic with suggested activities and supporting resources ready for you to use.

The Last Bear – Polar Bears Information Text and Comprehension – LKS2

This informative text is all about polar bears with accompanying comprehension questions. Perfect for learning about these majestic animals and the frozen Arctic habitat that they call home.

The Last Bear – Bear Island Information Poster

This information poster is all about the real-life Bear Island as featured in The Last Bear. This poster is perfect for use in a display or as a non-chronological report.

The Last Bear – Bear Island Bulletin Newspaper Template

Use this Bear Island bulletin newspaper template to give children the opportunity to report on the incredible events that happen during The Last Bear.

With in-depth planning documents to ensure children do not forget any of the key features, you have everything you need to get them writing like a journalist.

The Last Bear – Story Prediction Activity

This excellent prediction activity can be used before children begin The Last Bear in the classroom.

The Last Bear – Make a Difference – Debate Cards

Inspired by The Last Bear by Hannah Gold, these debating cards provide the opportunity for children to consider more deeply the impact that they have on the environment and the things that they can do to make a difference.

The Last Bear Bookmarks

These The Last Bear Bookmarks are perfect for enhancing the experience of reading this fantastic book. The bookmarks fit the theme of the book so well and are ideal for using when following along with the book in the classroom. There are four books available in total.

The Last Bear – Display Resources

We’ve got these wonderful resources for you to use in a classroom display. We have a visually striking display banner to bring your The Last Bear display to life! We have character cutouts that can be used to further enhance your display. And we also have a wonderful bunting resource too.

Enhancing Your Teaching – How These Resources Help Your Teaching and Help to Inspire Children

When we set out to create these resources, Hannah Gold wanted them to be designed in such a way that, much like the book, they help to inspire children to do more for their planet, and enhance the bond between animals and humans. The book contains a climate change context throughout the story, with the melting of the ice caps leaving the bear stranded on Bear Island and the impact of waste that affects the natural habitat. The resources needed to help convey the inspirational message and that is what the team have been focused on.

With classroom resources, it is important they are visually striking. For a story as beautiful as The Last Bear, beautiful imagery helps to enhance the scene. The display resources are based around the cover art of the book and help to perfectly put across the two main characters of the book and the environment.

As well as inspiration, the resources also help to teach important skills too. Our Chapter Reading Comprehensions are fantastic for helping to test a variety of reading skills while the Book Review Template is great for helping children to summarise their thoughts.

In addition to more resources being added in the future, we will also have a handy cross-curricular Curriculum Map available which goes over some fantastic ideas of what you could do in your classroom. This idea map uses National Curriculum expectations and offers themed learning opportunities and ideas for writing ideas, geography, maths, DT, art, reading and science.

Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media and website over the coming weeks as the Curriculum Map and other resources are added to the site.

Win a Class Set of Books + Virtual Q&A with Hannah Gold

To celebrate the release of the resources and our exclusive collaboration with Hannah Gold, Teacher’s Pet is hosting a VERY exciting competition on social media! We will be making a post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that you must like, share with your following and tag a friend in the comments, it’s as simple as that! And the prizes are not to be missed.

Hit the link below to read the rules and more about the competition.

Learn More About Hannah Gold With Our Exclusive Interview

As part of National Storytelling Week, Phil managed to secure an interview with Hannah Gold to discuss what inspires her as an author and her newest book, The Lost Whale (and you should definitely take a read of it because it is fantastic)! Take a read by hitting the button below.

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