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The Vikings Are Here!

January 31st 2020| Kevin Rhodes

The Vikings Are Here!

Our first huge topic pack is here! Over the past week we have been extremely busy putting together this topic pack for you all to use in the classroom or at home. Within this blog post, I will be providing a little behind the scenes look into how our topic packs are created, followed by a look at some of the resources available within the pack.

Behind the scenes…

The first few days within the planning stage consisted of researching… and we mean alot! The Vikings topic is huge!

There was a lot to cover and we know you only have so much time in the year to teach it! So once we had researched and pin pointed our key areas (covering the curriculum in full), we were ready to go.

You will find that the pack covers the five key areas which are stated in the UK curriculum 2020:

  • Viking raids and invasion.
  • Alfred the Great and Athelstan
  • Vikings – Danelaw/Danegeld
  • Anglo-Saxon Law and Justice
  • Edward the Confessor / 1066

Creating the resources

Activity Books

Three activity books were created for you, covering the areas:

  • Viking life
  • Viking raids
  • Viking invasion/Danelaw

Activity books were created to give you a consistent way to teach the topic. Simply introduce the topic to your class and provide them with the matching activity booklet. You can then work your way through it together, discussing key questions and completing the activities as a class. Activities within each booklet cover cross curriculum from English, Geography and Art.

Power Points

Three power points were created for you, covering the areas:

  • Lindisfarne Raid
  • Danelaw
  • Interactive Timeline

Each power point has been created to provide you with a perfect way to introduce each area of the topic. Starting with the timeline, you and your class can navigate your way through the key events, finding out more information as you progress. The Lindisfarne raid and Danelaw power points, also feature interactive elements/animations, to bring the story telling alive. As expected, each is supported by a wealth of additional resources (also included within the pack!).

Display items

No topic pack would be complete without its own set of Display resources! We have everything from borders and banners to bunting.

What are you waiting for?

This is just a sneak look at some of the resources which show children how the Vikings changed the history of Britain, and when they invaded Britain, including Viking life, raids such as the Lindisfarne Monastery attack, invasions, laws and punishment, Alfred the Great, Athelstan, William the Conqueror, Edward the Confessor and more. Over 60 resources are available in total! We have knowledge organisers, timeline posters, card games, a teacher curriculum ideas map and more.

Happy downloading!

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