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Top Teacher Tips For Wellbeing

October 23rd 2019| Kevin Rhodes

Top Teacher Tips For Wellbeing

Welcome to our first Wellbeing Wednesday blog post! It’s great to see that you have survived the week so far (we knew you would!) and this spot each week is just to gather you all together for a quick check-in, to offer you with some tips, advice, activities and things to try to help make your days and weeks more healthy for your mind.

This weeks focus brings attention to the little things that we can all do to help encourage a better state of mental health, both at home and in the classroom.

Latest figures show that around 47% of you can feel depressed, anxious or even have regular panic attacks – this figure is alarming to us and is why we believe this is a hot topic. We all need to develop our understanding towards mental health issues and discuss with each other, so you know you are no longer alone.

To follow this statistic, it’s shocking to learn that over a third of teacher’s state there is little to no support or advise on how to cope with mental wellbeing. We want to change this, so we have created for a handy wellbeing poster containing our tips which we hope you would kindly put up within your staffroom (or also at home!) to help give yourself those little reminders each day or even open up a discussion point with a colleague (how is their health lately?). The result of this is to hopefully get us all talking more openly about mental wellbeing and also encourage each other to make those small positive changes which can have a big impact on your health.

Lets have a little exploration together on each point from our poster:


Ask yourself when was the last time you remembered to drink water. Was it early in the day? A quick glass before lunch? It’s vitally important that we all try to get through around 2 litres a day. Don’t worry if you feel this is too much! Every glass is going to benefit you in helping develop a clear, focused mind.

#top tip – purchase a reusable water bottle with markers on the side as they are a great way to monitor your progress and gently remind you to take more sips throughout the day!

Make Connections

We know this can be a hard task during the average teachers day. There seems to be endless paperwork, planning and thoughts, so the idea of taking the time to natter could be the last thing to think about. Communication with each other is a vital element in promoting healthy mental states for both yourself and your fellow heroes at work. Share an idea, tell a funny story, let off a little steam – all of these steps can help defog your brain and provide some relaxing distraction, after all.. you’re all in this together!

Take Five

Being outside amongst nature can be great for both our physical and mental wellbeing. No one expects you to whip out the jogging trainers and run out the school gates (as tempting as this may be, those children need you!). Simply by stepping outside during break, finding a secluded area for a bit of silence and taking those deep breaths for just five minutes of your day will trigger that refresh for your mind.

Eat Well

We are not going to bore you here mentioning the usual five a day of this, two a day of that – no one wants the pressure of tracking each and every meal of the day, let alone teachers! All we simply suggest is that you make sure you have a balanced diet which has all your necessary vitamin dosage to keep your energy up and mind with enough fuel to spark greatness from your pupils.

#top tip – Our very own Kevin at Teacher’s Pet has a Banana basket next to his desk which provides a good amount of energy and keeps that blood pressure in check, reducing stress levels.

Me Time

Looking after yourself doesn’t need to be forgotten about once you leave the school gates! Once home, at some point in your evening remember to take half an hour which is dedicated purely to you. Read a book, watch a TV show, take a bath… whatever you decide – this is your time.

#top tip – Design your own ‘Do not disturb’ sign if you have children at home and pop it on your bedroom door before bolting it shut. Use this time to listen to your favourite songs and unwind.

WOW Moment

Think and reflect on a WOW moment that happened within your classroom today – jot it down in a diary or notebook then use this to remind yourself just how awesome you are!

Three Positives

Similar to our WOW moment tip, think of three positive things that have happened during your day. These don’t need to be teaching related at all, they can be as simple as you managed find some time today to take your dog out for a quick walk or had the time to call a relative to see how they are doing.

Switch Off

We hope you have reached the end of our list and not switched off quite just yet. Switching off is vitally important around an hour before you head to bed – so no phones, no TV and no tablets! Taking this small step can prevent a groggy morning the next day and place you in positive frame of mind.

A Useful Tool

To support the resources which we have provided with this blog post, we have researched into useful apps and tools which we think can make a huge positive impact to your everyday health and well being.

We were blown away when discovering – Fit2Teach! Regarded as a Fitbit™ for all things ‘School’, this groundbreaking app is empowering teachers and school-leaders around the world to improve their wellbeing and work-life balance; help reduce teacher-workload; and work together to help build a happier and healthier workplace and profession.

We don’t expect you to hit all of these tips every day – start small if it seems overwhelming. The importance of this is to promote a healthy wellbeing for yourself. To download any of our #WellbeingWednesday resources then please head over to the new Wellbeing section of our site.

If you have any further tips you would like to share with us and the Teacher’s Pet community, please do pop them in the comments below and if we spot any super tips they will be shared via our Social Media!

Thanks for reading!


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