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Wellbeing Wednesday – EDGAR!

November 20th 2019| Kevin Rhodes

Wellbeing Wednesday – EDGAR!

John Lewis have recently released their new Christmas advert for 2019 and as you are probably aware – we have gone Edgar mad by creating lots of exciting, creative resources for you to use in schools over the next few weeks.

These selected resources highlighted in this blog post are fantastic for the EYFS leading up to KS2 and this weeks #WellbeingWednesday is just a quick focus on why we love this advert and the impact its going to have on emotional and wellbeing education in the classroom.

What is the general story of the Excitable Edgar?

“Edgar, an adorable young dragon, is so excited about Christmas that he cannot control the flames from his mouth. He even burns the village Christmas tree, dampening everyone’s Christmas spirit. But when his best friend Ava gives him a thoughtful gift just right for an excitable dragon, he realises how much she cares for him.”

John Lewis 2019.

We have included the advert within this post for you to watch and John Lewis also have the story available in the form of a beautiful children’s book which can be purchased via their website.

How does the story encourage wellbeing?

The early years are a crucial time to nurture strong social and emotional capabilities in children and a well-supported childhood is likely to lead to many positive later outcomes. Excitable Edgar manages to demonstrate the importance of this as the story effectively shows a selection of fantastic examples which can be used as discussion/reflection points within your classroom.

Lazy_placeholder - Teacher's Pet Classroom Resources
Our discussion cards are great to use alongside the video in your classroom

For example, you can discuss Edgar’s abilities (the fire breathing) with your pupils and reflect on his emotions and the confusion he has on how use his ability in social situations without worrying or getting anxious about its impact. It’s a very effective example which can result in portraying the message that everyone has their own unique quirks or abilities (something that makes us special) and we all can find a purpose for those skills, which can then in turn lean towards how we use our skills to help others.

Lazy_placeholder - Teacher's Pet Classroom Resources
Our ‘Whats special about me?’ activity is great to use to promote self-esteem and positive thinking. Ideal to use after reviewing the story with children via the story cards.

Teaching the self-regulation of emotions

When pupils are able to self-regulate their emotions, they are in a better position to be able to direct their efforts towards a goal and can achieve this despite changing/challenging situations. Emotional self-regulation helps pupils develop resilient attitudes and primes them for learning and success.

Our four zone self-regulation poster shows the four zones and the emotions in emoji format

Teaching self-regulation comes in four easy zones:

Blue Zone – Sad, Sick, Tired or Bored

Green Zone – Happy, Calm, Relaxed or Proud

Yellow Zone – Frustrated, Worried, Silly or Excited

Red Zone – Out of control, Terrified, Mean or Angry

You can use our self-regulating resource pack to stick these around the classroom for your pupils and its currently the perfect time to introduce the concept to them as the Edgar story fits in well with the four zones.

At the beginning of the story, Edgar is in the yellow zone, feeling very excited about winter and the Christmas activities he can join in, this is then followed by the red zone as he quickly begins to feel out of control of his fire – causing problems which he didn’t mean to happen. This then moves into the blue zone as due to his actions, sadness follows as he can’t and doesn’t know how to join in. Finally, Edgar reaches the green zone (we call it the ‘ready to learn‘ stage) as with a little help from his friend, Ava, he learns to be calm, proud and happy so that he can take part in the Christmas feast.

The self-regulation system, linked with Edgar, can show pupils that its okay to feel a range of emotions and we can take action to make changes to feel better. You could even try giving our ‘Edgar’s Feelings Thermometer’ activity a go with some pupils – let them decide on the scale where they think they fit and have a talk about how they can develop to enter the green zone .

Lazy_placeholder - Teacher's Pet Classroom Resources
Our ‘Edgar Feelings Thermometer’

Teaching using trending materials – such as the Excitable Edgar advert, is a useful way to deliver a lesson which may otherwise not usually gain as much interest as you would hope. Trending materials bring an element of excitement to your lesson as the children can relate more to the resource, they feel excitement doing work which they have noticed on TV or seen the merchandise for sale in the shops.

Teaching is about experimenting outside the box sometimes and we love the fact Edgar is a fantastic story which can be used to encourage positive wellbeing discussion in the classroom.

Lazy_placeholder - Teacher's Pet Classroom Resources
Our ‘Excitable Edgar’ emotions mat is ideal to use along side the thermometer when discussing emotions and feelings the children or Edgar is having.

Keep an eye out via our social media channels for another future blog post which showcases some of our creative writing Edgar activities!

Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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