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#WellbeingWednesday is RELAUNCHING!

January 5th 2020| Kevin Rhodes

#WellbeingWednesday is RELAUNCHING!

What is #WellbeingWednesday?

We launched #WellbeingWednesday shortly after our site relaunched back in August 2019 with an aim to create a weekly helpful segment for both teachers and pupils containing mental health and wellbeing advice, tips, apps and books to read.

Fast forward just three months, #WellbeingWednesday has become an incredibly popular weekly blog which we know you have been itching to get more of… so we listened! The first big exciting project of 2020 is the complete relaunch of #WellbeingWednesday and we have everything you need to know in this blog post ahead of our big launch on Wednesday 8th January.

What is going to change?!

#WellbeingWednesday has been created by the team at Teacher’s Pet with mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of the plan to enhance awareness to the importance of taking care and discussing these issues.

Each week (Released on a Sunday to give you plenty of time before Wednesday!) you will be able to download a 5 minute activity which can be carried out with individual children, your class or as a whole school, to improve wellbeing.

Ultimate members will also be able to download one of three exclusive 12 week powerpoints which gives you one positive activity to do every Wednesday during the Spring, Summer and Autumn term.

An Example Term Plan – Three in total will be available: Spring, Summer and Autumn.

There is more!

Like all our fabulous concepts, we have also created an excellent activity resource in the form of a downloadable journal page which can be used with 1:1 support (Perfect for interventions!) or with your whole class. These will be available on a weekly basis for you to download EVERY SUNDAY to prepare ready for #WellbeingWednesday and can be put together to form a wellbeing book at the end of each term.

The #WellbeingWednesday journal page could even be given out as a home task each week, to help relieve the stigma around discussing mental health by opening discussion between you, the pupils and with their parents or guardians at home.

An example of one of the journal pages available soon

Where do I find out more?

Our official page for #WellbeingWednesday will launch this Wednesday the 8th January – containing the first downloadable resource pack.

Over the coming weeks we hope to expand on the project, building upon what will be available each week. We will also keep posting our weekly blog posts with useful apps, books and games!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below if there is anything you would like to see!

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