What time is it Mr Wolf? Walkthrough

January 13th 2022| Michael Mountford

What Time is it Mr Wolf? Walkthrough

Wilfred is back!!

Since being offline for more than half a decade, we’ve been itching to bring back Wilfred and his time-telling skills and we can happily announce that finally; He’s back and better than ever!

Completely redesigned user interface, character design, menus; absolutely everything has been given a huge makeover!

Redesigned Main Menu

Dynamically changing backgrounds based on the time shown on the clock

Instant visually dynamic feedback based on answers

Take a look at what we’ve been up to, in our brand new trailer below.

What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

Get downloading now to be one of the first people to experience our all-new and improved What time is it, Mr Wolf?

First time set up

Once you have got the app installed from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store; when you first boot up you will be notified that the app needs access to your gallery and your camera.

Our app makes use of your phone’s gallery by allowing you to save the scoresheets from the Match the Time Game Mode.

Our app makes utilisation of your camera for the app’s QR Code system. This is something we believe will be extremely helpful when there are multiple devices making use of our app in one classroom.

Read on to learn how both of these features can be applied to make your lessons even more seamless.

Setting Username

To help distinguish each child and how they are progressing whilst using our app, we have added support for usernames.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to keep track of how your children are progressing, and paired with our saveable scoresheets, it’ll be so much simpler to know how each individual child is doing.

You could for instance, after you’ve saved them to the device, print off the scoresheets so you have a physical copy, and with the child’ name automatically at the top, you will know exactly which child’ scoresheet is which.

Game Modes: OUT NOW

Now available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store; you will note that only two of four game modes are activated, Match the time as well as Free Play.

Read on to find out about our two launch game modes, as well as our two game modes currently under development.

Game Mode 1 – Match the time

Game Mode 1 – Match The Time

Match the Time has Wilfred the Wolf magically spinning the clock on the face of the moon ten random times and offers the player a choice of up to 8 answers.

With simple and intuitive controls, the application is very easy to play and allows the player to concentrate on their time telling practice.

As a little bonus and by popular demand, we have included Dinner Time!!

Within our Match the Time mode we offer a wide range of customisability within this game mode.

  • You are able to control the specific times that can show up; whether that be half past, quarter to, O’clock, etc
  • How many attempts can be made on one question
  • How many answer choices are given
  • The answer type: words, digital or a mixture
  • 12 Hour or 24 Hour format (when applicable)

All of this means that you can finely control how easy or difficult this app is for the children in your class.

QR Codes

Let’s say you have a class that is going to be using 30 devices. Confirming the settings on every individual device for each child would be incredibly time-consuming.

To combat this we have included an incredibly useful QR Code system that we think all of you will love.

As the teacher on one device, you could set up the game mode you would like your children to play, this includes any specific settings.

Simply press the “Show QR” button to the right of the “OK” button and you will be presented with a scannable QR code.

Using one of the children’s devices you can scan this QR code from within the “Choose Game Mode” menu and it will launch with all of the settings pre-applied.

Saving you a lot of time!

Another application of our QR code system could be, say that your class has two or three distinct levels of time telling skills.

You could create a handful of QR codes using this system and screenshot and print them off.

Children could then choose which difficulty they would like to attempt and scan the relevant QR code.


After a full game of Match the Time, Wilfred will collect all the scores for the child who played the game. Their name will be displayed at the top as well info related to how many attempts they need to choose the correct answer.

These can then be saved to the camera roll of the device for easy and convenient saving. Useful for one on one teaching as you can keep track of how a child is progressing with a particular format – such as digital or written times.

Game Mode 2 – Free Play

Game Mode 2 – Free Play

Our Free Play game mode is absolutely perfect for children to test their own skills, freely move the clock hands to any time and reveal the time in both written word (twenty past 5, 3 O’Clock, etc) and digital formats (05:25, 15:00, etc).

This mode can be used creatively for both solo and group play, have a ‘quiz master‘ set the clock and have other children solve the clock. Also ideal for teachers to use for time demonstrations in the classroom.

Also great for pairs of children or one on one teaching by utilising the Show/Hide button – allowing for quick checks or hints if the child is struggling with recognising a particular time on the clock.

Coming Soon?

4 Game Modes

As you probably noticed, there is currently 2 out of the 4 game modes available to play right now.

As of right now, Game Mode 3 is nearly in a completed state and will be ready to launch soon, so do keep an eye out on our social media pages for more information;as well as the Google Playand the Apple App Store for when that update goes live!

Game Mode 3 will consist of a variation of the Match the Time game mode, but instead, the child will have to move the clock hands to match whatever time has been given.

Game Mode 4 is currently just in its development phase so please make sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages as well as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for when that update goes live!

All of us at Teacher’s Pet are so incredibly excited for you to get your hands on our newly launched app.

Please do take the time to leave a review either on Google Play or Apple App Store, it really helps us with getting our app to more and more classrooms and teachers.

Any and all feedback, we’d love to hear it and get to know what you’ve enjoyed about the app and maybe anything you’d like to see in the future.

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