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Why Dinosaurs in Early Years? A TeachRex Tribute

November 18th 2020| Hannah Johnson

Why Dinosaurs in Early Years? A TeachRex Tribute

Dinosaurs were amazing! It is crazy to think that a long time ago these beautiful creatures roamed our planet and that we can now learn a lot about what it was like in our prehistoric world.

So, Why Dinosaurs?

Well basically, because children are fascinated by them! Especially boys! We can learn a lot from dinosaurs and they help children to not only develop an understanding of history and the past but also the impact that climate has had on our planet.

I have taught a dinosaur topic several times and have always found it very fun to teach. There are just so many things that can foster curiosity and inquiry for young children and the children in my classes have always been hooked on learning in my dinosaur topics. From massive smelly poos outside to an unusual egg and footprints appearing in the classroom, there are many different exciting things you can plan and put into your provision for dinosaurs!

When introducing a topic to the children, I always research how to enrich their experiences with an educational visit or having visitors into the classroom. I would have absolutely loved to have TeachRex come into my school and enhance the learning experiences for my children.

They are brilliant!

Joe and Sam (the co-founders) will come into your school and bring some of their prehistoric friends with them, providing high quality Early Years workshops, resources and learning that the children will love and remember for a long time. If you want to get up close and personal to some dinosaurs then they are definitely the dinosaurs for you!

We have some amazing resources for you at Teacher’s Pet. The first place to start would be the Early Years Dinosaur Topic and Provision Ideas Plan which gives you a range of high quality learning opportunities for you to use in your provision. Following on from this, we have an example weekly provision plan which sets out dinosaur topic learning across a week and includes an inquiry question that can be answered by learning throughout the week.

We have written an original and brilliant dinosaur story called Dinosaur Disaster designed with Early Years children in mind. It is all about the TeachRex baby dinosaurs and teaches us about their special characteristics and how, even though they are all different, they can work together.

There are over 60 fantastic resources available for you to download for a dinosaur topic from writing and maths challenges, to finger gym challenges, to role play kits, to reading challenges and much, much more! Think of all the amazing learning that can happen with all of these resources to support your provision!

We hope that you use them and that the children learn a lot!


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