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January 15th 2022| Josh Cookson

Welcome back to the latest Resource Roundup! I hope you have all had a safe return to the classroom and settled back in after the usual craziness of the first week back. This roundup is an extremely exciting one because as you may have seen, we released a revamped version of our award-winning iPad app – ‘What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?’ for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Development of the game was down to our talented Games Developer, Lewis, with the whole team coming together to put forward ideas and to market the game. Let’s also not forget that we have the second episode in our Waves of Wellbeing Wellbeing Scheme, and many more exciting resources for you to get your hands on! This week’s Resource Roundup features:

  • A Look at the new ‘What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?’ time telling game
  • Episode 2 of Waves of Wellbeing
  • Primary News Today Issue #8 is now available to read
  • Resources for ‘The Explorer’ have finally landed, we’re sure you’re going to love them
  • Come check out these wonderful Storytelling resources in preparation for National Storytelling Week
  • It’s the newest online sensation, Wordle Classroom Edition is here!
  • Suit Up – we’ve got some fantastic Space and Neil Armstrong resources online at the moment
  • The Colour Monster Yoga – come give these mindful yoga poses a try
  • We have another book review for you for Fill Your Bookshelf

What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?

That’s right! In the worst kept secret in human history, we are EXTREMELY proud to unveil our revamped version of our award winning iPad app – ‘What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?‘ For our members who have been with us since the launch of the site back in 2010, you may also recall our original Mr. Wolf app. We had the #1 iTunes Education app! But plenty has changed since then, our site, development methods and of course, the technologies required to run modern apps.

We had a clear vision on what we wanted to do with Mr. Wolf. Plenty of times we have had chats asking us if it were still available or if any plans to re-release were on the cards. It was clear as day what our members wanted, so we tasked Lewis, our latest hire and talented Games Developer, to get on the case and make a version of the app that we would be proud to release in 2022. The end result? Well, see for yourself…

Now if we do say so ourselves, how good does it look?! With gorgeous graphics, a modernised look and an amazing redesign of Wilfred by Emily, one of our incredibly talented graphic designers, your class are going to be sure to love this revamped version of the game! With 2 game modes available at launch (with another 2 to be made available through updates), QR Code system to share game settings between devices, a screenshot feature built-in to share results with the teacher or parents, and a web browser version available too, we believe it’s the best way to teach children time in your classroom!

So, now you’ve seen all this, why not go and give it a download today? It’s only £2.49, a bargain price for such a feature-packed game! Remember, it’s available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and available through the tpet site with an Ultimate membership (perfect for using on an interactive whiteboard).

Waves of Wellbeing – Episode 2

Another week has gone by, and that means it time for Episode 2 of Waves of Wellbeing. This week is all about Finding Your Inner Drive with the Pacific Salmon. As with Episode 1 with the Hermit Crab, you will have access too:

  • A wonderful Bookimation and animated story + PowerPoint
  • Colouring Tile
  • Journal
  • Minibook
  • Teacher Pack
  • Weekly Display Focus

For Episodes 2 till 12, you will require an ULTIMATE membership to be able to access the bookimations and the downloadable resources. But at only £34.95 for an entire year, not only will you have access to the entire Waves of Wellbeing scheme, but you will also get access to other Wellbeing schemes from before and upcoming, fantastic collaborations, exciting topic packs and so much more! And with over 5000 resources available to choose from, you’re certainly not short of choice!

Primary News Today Issue #8 is now available to read!

Primary News Today Issue #8 is now available for you to read and download! Issue #8 focuses on an amazing Jurassic discovery in the UK, and the upcoming Big Garden Birdwatch coming up from the 28th – 30th January! It’s a lovely issue and it’s available to view now on the PNT Hub page.

Remember, Primary News Today now releases every Friday. This means that it’s ready for you to load on the website so that you are ready to go on a Monday without delay. Don’t forget that if you register for an ULTIMATE membership you can download a copy of each issue as and when they are released, PERFECT for going back to at a future date. Grab a subscription today for just £34.95/year, now that’s a bargain!

The Explorer

The team have been working extremely hard on bringing The Explorer to life with resources for you to use in the classroom! Thanks to our amazing KS2 teacher Amy, we’ve got a fantastic two-page curriculum ideas map with lots of supporting resources to help you out in the classroom when you’re looking at this text (all aimed at Key Stage 2). Come and check out the resources today!

Storytelling Resources

In support of the upcoming National Storytelling Week, the team have developed a wide range of resources to use in the classroom. National Storytelling Week is a chance to promote and encourage Storytelling in the classroom and takes place from 30th January – 6th February.

It’s the latest online craze in classroom form, it’s Wordle Classroom Edition!

It’s been taking the internet by storm all over the globe, and it’s been causing countless arguments and competitions between members of our team in the office. Well, it only seemed right to be able to bring this amazing game into the classroom and create a Classroom Edition of Wordle! We’re sure that your class will love the challenge, and it makes a fantastic morning starter activity to engage children and get them ready for the lesson ahead. Come and give it a try today, it’s COMPLETELY FREE to download!

Suit Up for Space

We’ve got some wonderful ‘Space’ and ‘Neil Armstrong’ activities online at the minute – including this informative poster and activity about the features of a spacesuit. They’ve been incredibly popular the past couple of weeks, so why not join in on the fun? Browse all of our Space resources today!

The Colour Monster – Mindful Yoga

The Colour Monster… YOGA! Each card links to a different emotion with a matching mindful yoga pose to try! These are fab for using in the classroom whilst teaching about feelings and emotions.

It’s time to Fill Your Bookshelf… With Phil!

Fill Your Bookshelf is arguably one of my favourite times of the work week. Every Thursday, me and Phil will go down into our social room so that we can film a review of the book for Instagram and TikTok. It never quite goes to plan all of the time, some line will get said wrong or some filming error will occur. But we often end up in hysterics at them. Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to things like that! Phil has written another review for you all about ‘The Explorer‘ by Katherine Rundell. Phil says:

The Explorer is a popular UKS2 text written by the incredible Katherine Rundell. It tells the story of four children who crash land into the Amazon jungle. The pilot does not survive the crash so Fred, Con, Lila and Max must fend for themselves. This book follows their struggle to survive in the vast wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest. 

Katherine Rundell does a great job of describing the rich and diverse nature of the rainforest and it is obvious that she has really researched it well. The fantastic writing makes you feel like you really are one of the survivors. Over time you get to know each of the characters and your feelings about them develop as the story progresses. This book has a timeless feel about it and is an instant classic.

Set in the South American rainforest, this book lends itself well to a cross-curricular approach with strong links to the geography and science curriculums and, of course, has lots of fantastic reading and writing opportunities. Grab yourself a copy and take a look at the comprehensive list of The Explorer resources that we have available at tpet.co.uk.”

As you can see from the image above, we also have a giveaway running for a copy of the book! The competition is running through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with one winner picked at random! Come and try your luck, you never know if you’ll be the lucky winner.

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