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Your Top Tips for Remote Learning

January 21st 2021| Emily Weston

Your Top Tips for Remote Learning

This week, we all had the news that we need to complete remote learning. Some of us are doing this in school, and some of us will be doing this from home. Either way, it’s a tough job and there are adjustments we are all going to need to make. There are so many different feelings that surround this and I won’t spend this blog going into them; this is far too complex!

However, I thought it would be useful to have a blog which focuses on ‘top tips’ of working at home, with a main focus on wellbeing. Some of them might seem a little obvious – but these are all things I had to really think about or be reminded of over the last year.

1. Give yourself a set area to work in.

When you’re working at home, it’s really difficult having to have your living space invaded by work. Usually they are separate and this can make it much tricker to switch off, in a profession where we already work outside school hours anyway!

For me, this is really tricky as there are limited spaces to work in my household – there are other adults working at home and we all need to make that work with each other! And I am sure some others are in this situation too. However, it is a huge help having a specific area you can work in so that you can switch off once you leave it, even if at breaks and lunch you make sure you go to another room or area to eat!

2. Give yourself a proper break

Make sure you take a break, when it’s time to! Don’t just sit and work through them or it will feel like you’re never stopping. This may seem obvious – I know – but we work through our breaks at school and I suspect some of us are still doing this at home! Which leads me to my next point…

3. Limit your screen time

Being on a screen all day can be hard work; strain on your eyes and your mind. It’s important we limit it as much as possible. I know this can seem a tricky task – teaching live (on a device) then planning (on a device) and doing admin (on a device) doesn’t leave much room for a break during the day. However, plan yourselves in for mini-breaks whenever possible!

4. Reach out for support, and support others

If you need resources – ask others or use a site (Teachers Pet, for instance…!) who already have them. Don’t spend a long time re-inventing the wheel if you don’t need to. Conversely, if you see someone else asking for help or needing support, let them know you’re there and can help. Send or share resources if you’re able, or just offer someone a listening ear. Now more than ever teachers need to support each other.

5. Find something to help you stay positive

It’s really hard to stay positive all the time, but it’s about finding those little moments in each day that help you see you’re still doing your job well. You might have planned a particularly good lesson (in which case, refer back to number 4 and share it!) or maybe a student had a real lightbulb moment. Sometimes, it will even be a child or parent has gone out of their way to tell you you’re great. My advice? Save them, and look back over them when you need a pick-me-up.

As I said, I’m sure none of these are revolutionary for you. Maybe you already do them all! But I know that I sometimes need a bit of a reminder to look after myself when usually, as a teacher, we are so busy looking after others. Sometimes, we need a reminder that we matter too.

We’ve got this.

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