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Autumn Year 2 Week 2 THINK Maths Teaching Pack

Autumn Year 2 Week 2 THINK Maths Teaching Pack

Our brand NEW project designed to give you maths activities, planning, teaching aids and more, to support a year’s worth of Maths teaching!

Available for years 1-6. Weekly planning and term overview included. Autumn Term Year 2 Week 2 pack covers understanding that the equals sign shows that the 2 sides of a number sentence are balanced, knowing an empty box in a number sentence means they must find the unknown number, pairs of numbers that make 7, 8, 9 and 10, partitioning 10 into pairs and writing related addition and subtraction facts, partitioning 20 into pairs and writing related addition and subtraction facts, adding and subtracting 10 from and to a 2-digit number using a 0-100 grid to help them to count on in 10s and not 1s and adding 10p and subtracting 10p from a 2-digit amount by counting up or down in 10s not 1s.

There are so many exciting powerpoints in this pack and best of all, some of them are editable too, so you can add your preferred numbers or use a preferred font. You can also change from ones to units if you’re in Ireland or other parts of the world that does not yet use the term ones.

Included in this pack are:

  • Year 2 Autumn Overview
  • Year 2 Week 2 Overview
  • Daily lesson overviews (x5)
  • Suggested Starter Activities
  • Number balance Powerpoint
  • Number balance activity sheets x3
  • Number balance for whole class teaching, individual use or display
  • Weights to be used for number balance
  • Scales – pairs to 7
  • Scales – pairs to 8
  • Scales – pairs to 9
  • Scales – pairs to 10 x2
  • Number pairs to 10 animated video game power point
  • Bar Model activities x3
  • Beads to 10
  • Beads to 10 blank
  • Pairs to 10 bar models
  • Pairs to 10 bar models black and white
  • Pairs to 10 bar models blank
  • Pairs to 10 missing number activities x3
  • Number pairs to 20 animated video game power point
  • Beads to 20
  • Beads to 20 blank
  • Pairs to 20 bar models
  • Pairs to 20 bar models black and white
  • Pairs to 20 bar models blank
  • Pairs to 20 missing number activities x3
  • Bar model activities x2
  • Add and subtract 10 animated spider power point
  • 100 square plain
  • colourful 100 square mat
  • Adding 10 differentiated activity sheets x4
  • Subtracting 10 activity sheets x2
  • Adding 10 question cards
  • Adding 10s tricky question cards
  • 100 square posters
  • I have… who has…? Add and subtract 10p cards
  • Adder Addition and Slithering subtraction game for 10p
  • Adder Addition and Slithering subtraction game for adding and subtracting 10
  • Adder Addition and Slithering subtraction game 100 square
  • Differentiated adding 10p, subtracting 10p, adding 10s and subtracting 10s activity sheets x6

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