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Autumn Year 3 Week 1 THINK Maths Teaching Pack

Autumn Year 3 Week 1 THINK Maths Teaching Pack

Our brand NEW project designed to give you maths activities, planning, teaching aids and more, to support a year’s worth of Maths teaching!

Available for years 1-6. Weekly planning and term overview included. Autumn Term Year 3 Week 1 pack covers a review of placing 2-digit numbers on empty number lines an understanding what each digit represents, accurately placing 3-digit numbers on a number line, comparing and ordering 3-digit numbers, writing money amounts in pounds and pence and using place value knowledge to compare money amounts.

There are so many exciting powerpoints in this pack and best of all, they’re all editable so you can add your preferred numbers or use a preferred font. You can also change from ones to units if you’re in Ireland or other parts of the world that does not yet use the term ones.

Included in this pack:

  • Year 3 Autumn Overview
  • Year 3 Week 1 Overview
  • Daily lesson overviews (x5)
  • Suggested Starter Activities
  • 2-digit number Machine Animated Powerpoint
  • 2 and 3-digit number machine activity sheets x3 (differentiated)
  • Editable 2-digit number machine activity sheet
  • Editable 3-digit number machine activity sheet
  • Number machine image for display
  • Robot image for display
  • Editable 2-digit Number lines 0-100 powerpoint
  • Editable 3-digit Number lines 0-1000 PowerPoint
  • 3-digit 0-1000 number line matching activities x3 (differentiated)
  • Blank Number lines
  • 3-digit 0-1000 number line challenges x3
  • Editable 3-digit 0-1000 number line challenges x 3
  • Editable Comparing and ordering PowerPoint for 3-digit numbers
  • Compare and Order Magic activity sheets (x3)
  • Editable compare and order magic activity
  • Know Your Place, Place Value Game
  • Editable Know your place, place value game question bubbles
  • Place value bunting
  • Pounds an Pence Criminals Animated Powerpoint
  • Pounds and pence activity sheets x3 (differentiated)
  • Place Place Value Chart
  • Money flash cards
  • Money Challenge
  • Coin Cards
  • Coin Dice
  • Game comparison board
  • Comparing amounts powerpoint
  • Editable swag bags
  • Swag Bag image for display
  • Criminal image for display

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