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Buzzed for Learning Display Pack


Buzzed for Learning Display Pack

A fantastic display pack designed to help you set up a behaviour management display inside your classroom. Use this as part of your daily routine, to monitor and communicate to your class what is expected of them.

Use the editable resources to make a bespoke behaviour management tool for your classroom – add the children’s names onto the bees, create expectations on our Bee Board and add the different levels and consequences to our editable flowers.

The pack includes:

  • Buzzed for learning display banner
  • Beehive (where all the bees start each day)
  • Printable bees
  • Busy Bees board to show expectations (laminate and use a whiteboard pen)
  • Editable Busy Bees Board to add your expectations (discuss with the class about what a busy bee does – examples included)
  • Editable bees (to add the name of each child in your class)
  • Editable flowers to add the different levels (ranging from positive to negative to show children where their behaviour currently sits)
  • Ready to go flowers showing lose golden time, consequence, warning, thinking time and great day (use the editable version if you want to change the names of the flowers).


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