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Deeta and the Cyber Bots – Excluding Friends Online Activity


Deeta and the Cyber Bots – Excluding Friends Online Activity

The perfect activity to follow with after reading the story Deeta and the Cyber Bots together.
Allow the children to work their way through the activity journal page, recording what they have learned during the story about how it makes our friends feel when we purposefully exclude them online.

Why not use as part of a classroom or whole school display about staying safe online and cyber bullying with Deeta and the Cyber Bots.
Use the activity alongside our other online safety display resources to create an eye-catching display board for the children and parents, so they can discover how to stay safe online.

This resource has been created to support our brand new EBook called Deeta and the Cyber Bots (an amazing interactive flip book which you can read together as a whole class).

Part of our Buddy Bots series, Deeta and the Cyber Bots is all about dealing with online bullying.

Follow Deeta as she navigates the online world, dealing with difficult situations involving online bullying from the Cyber Bots. What will Deeta do? How will her friends help her?

A great way to explore the difficult but important topic of cyber bullying. Our flipbook puts Deeta in lots of different situations for you to discuss as a whole class or even a whole school.

It also covers the importance of having good friends and how easily we can make a situation online worse, simply by liking or sharing videos, messages and images that are created to hurt others.

Perfect for using during Safer Internet Day but also the ideal resource to use all year round.

Buddy Bots are here to support you with fresh behaviour management tools, a great focus on children’s wellbeing and help encourage your class to be energy makers, not energy takers.

Like many of our concepts, they work best by adopting a whole class or even whole school approach.

If you would like more information about Buddy Bots, you can read more here.

A great way to supercharge friendships and zap out bullying.

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