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Key Stage One KS1 Home Learning Resource Pack 2


Key Stage One KS1 Home Learning Resource Pack 2

This is the 2nd key stage one Home Learning Resource and Homework Pack perfect for teaching children age 5-7 who are at home due to school closures & COVID-19! Also great as homework activity packs to aid recovery learning.

This pack is for Key Stage One and contains 1 week (5 days) worth of activities to support phonics, writing, maths and much more, including our famous Math Magician and Wellbeing journals.

Each folder is organised into mini learning packs for each day of the week, making them ideal for following during school closures or to support learning recovery both inside the classroom and at home. Perfect for parents, teachers, home learners and SENCOs.

Packs are also available for early years, key stage one and upper key stage two.

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  • Margaret Barnes
    CLASSIC March 22nd

    Thank you! This is a fantastic resource

    • Teacher's Pet
      ADMIN March 24th

      You are more than welcome, thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

  • Tracy
    March 24th

    Where is the download button please?

    • Teacher's Pet
      ADMIN March 24th

      Please see this video guide for instructions on how to sign up and download these packs: https://tpet.co.uk/tpet-news/how-to-create-your-free-account-and-download-our-free-home-learning-resource-packs/

  • Hannah
    ULTIMATE April 26th

    Hi, thanks for these, they are brilliant! Is there any chance of having the handwriting in print like you did in pack 1? We don’t use pre-cursive and I couldn’t see any other options? Thank you!

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